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15th September 2015

A Status Page for the Medical Industry

Bringing cloud-based software to healthcare hasn’t been an entirely smooth process, despite the...

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24th August 2015

SaaS Application Uptime, User Experience and Mobile Access – Key SaaS Priorities

It’s been argued that the chief advantages of a SaaS offering—from the customer...

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10th August 2015

Website Monitoring and Customer Experience

The availability and response time of your website is critical to cultivating a positive customer...

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31st July 2015

Integrating Your Status Page with SiteScope APM

Like most application performance monitoring software (APM) solutions, SiteScope is designed to...

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22nd July 2015

Sharing SaaS Application Uptime via Status Page for Customer Success

It’s all about SaaS–even in your home.(or subscription-based offerings, if not...

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9th July 2015

Integrating with PagerDuty: Pairing a Hosted Status Page with Intelligent Ops Alerts

The three primary goals of a hosted status page are: to improve the customer experience by...

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26th June 2015

SaaS Metrics for Customer Experience: Status Page Response Time, Social Proof, and TTV

While customer satisfaction and retention are important for any company that’s looking to stay in...

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12th June 2015

Integrating a Status Page with Application Monitoring Tools to Improve Communication

I’ve written on the StatusCast blog before about integration between a status page and...

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2nd June 2015

Uptime Status via Software Status Page

Content marketing is all about adding value to your communications with customers and prospects....

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