Status Page Integration

Aggregate every vital 3rd party status page relevant to your customers into a centralized, single source-of-truth. StatusCast enables highly selective third party integration of only the 3rd party components and services that matter. Keep your users optimally informed.

Centralized Status Page

StatusCast offers an unrivaled capability to handpick and integrate service statuses from third-party providers into a singular, unified status page. Keep a finger on the pulse of multiple services that your users depend on daily with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations.

Only Integrate What Is Relevant

Gain exact control over the third party integration of specific components and services from third-party providers. Our platform monitors and detects new incidents from third-party status pages related to your chosen services, and then auto-drafts them for you to review or instantly publish to your page, facilitating seamless third party data integration.

Save Employees Time, Boost Productivity

Provide employees with a combined view of all critical service statuses to eliminate uncertainty during outages. This consolidated approach to monitoring third party app integration saves time and productivity during service outages.

Streamlining Your Incident Management

StatusCast removes the need to track incidents across various status pages, thereby synthesizing all mission critical information into one, keeping end users in the loop and IT positioned to expedite incident resolution. Increase productivity, visibility, and cost-effectiveness of handling incidents through streamlined third party system integration.

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