Next-Gen Status Pages For The SaaS Provider

Deliver a first-class SaaS experience to your valued customers with Status Pages that proactively keep your customers informed during IT outages.

SaaS Status Pages provide end user transparency about uptime and SLAs as well as real-time incident communication that builds trust with customers.
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Purpose-Built SaaS Status Pages

In today's SaaS landscape, customers expect and demand swift service restoration after outages, as well as easy access to status pages. If you fail to deliver on these promises, chances are potential customers will seek alternatives. Always provide transparency and expected resolutions.

Stay ahead of the competition and ensure seamless service while building trust with your prospects and customers.

Public Status Page

Public status pages are a key component to delivering a first class SaaS experience to your customers. Transparency during unexpected downtime and scheduled maintenance, through a unified status page and multi-channel notifications, ensures a smooth UX for your customers and helps to build brand trust.
Public Status Page

Audience Specific Page

Generate custom status pages with information that is tailored to each of your audiences. With audience pages, who you are = what you see. Easily segment your customers based on their region or the services they rely on, and deliver maximally relevant status page views and notifications to each audience.
Audience Specific Page

Advantages for SaaS Companies

Application Status and More

Be proactive and keep customers in the loop by letting them know when your service is having problems.

Use SLA Reporting to keep enterprise customers up to date on your product’s uptime and service level. Your marketing team will love the way status pages add value by allowing you to promote new releases and product updates to your customers.

SaaS Incident Management

No SaaS service or platform is an island. The interconnected nature of today’s digital technologies means that when service degrades or fails, we need to automate, escalate and collaborate. Incident Management ensures SaaS providers hook up all the interdependent moving parts that make up your service offer to ensure the right people have the right information and tools to restore services fast.

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