Empowering businesses to thrive, regardless of IT outages - Our Single Purpose: Seamless Productivity & Enhanced Communication

Our Mission

Every single day, we're at the intersection of innovation and resilience, creating solutions that directly influence businesses in overcoming the unforeseen hurdles of IT outages. Our commitment isn't just about ensuring continuity, it's about empowering businesses to maintain seamless productivity and providing them the means to keep their customers informed even in the face of adversity. By combining our unique technical abilities and shared dedication, we become this crucial link that allows businesses around the world to be resilient. Therefore, we aren't merely tasked with creating software; we're enabling business fortitude, fueling growth, and fostering crucial relationships during periods of challenges. The power behind our effort is the persistence of global business and that is no minor feat.

The StatusCast Origin Story

At Uptimely/StatusCast, we believe in the power of seamless communication. Our journey started 10 years ago when our Founder and CEO, Jasen Fici, spotted a gap in the market during his time as leader of another bootstrapped SaaS company. Effective and timely communication with customers and employees during outages and scheduled maintenance events became an apparent issue. With no existing solution on the market, Jasen embraced the challenge and StatusCast was born.

Designed to streamline communication for IT teams and SaaS companies during crucial times, StatusCast is the answer to businesses seeking to keep their stakeholders informed. In 2018, the journey took a promising turn when Eric Warth, a devoted employee from Jasen's previous company, joined as the co-founder. They have since dedicated their full-time efforts to improve the software, constantly tweaking it to suit the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Our Founders

Jasen Fici

Jasen Fici has been a part of the tech world for over three decades. His extensive portfolio includes working with successful companies such as Sequoia Software, a prominent name in XML powered software, acquired by Citrix in the early 2000s. He also founded Velaro in 2001, one of the pioneering live-chat SaaS companies. His journey into entrepreneurship began from a desire to provide solutions where there were gaps, leading to the inception of StatusCast.
Jasen's LinkedIn

Eric Warth

Eric Warth brings a wealth of experience to StatusCast, having collaborated with large Fortune 500 IT departments and implementing status page and incident management solutions for them for almost a decade. Sharing Jasen's vision for innovation, Eric stepped into this new venture with a shared goal of improving workplace communication. His extensive background and on-ground experience adds a unique perspective to developing our software solutions, ensuring we cater to the practical needs and challenges that IT departments face.
Eric's LinkedIn

Our Products

Status Page

At StatusCast, we recognize that every minute of network downtime impacts not only your bottom line, but also your employees productivity, and the trust your customers place in you. Our Status Pages are meticulously designed to bridge this communication gap. As the lifeline during any service disruption, these pages become an immediate source of real-time information, giving businesses the edge to keep all stakeholders—from clients to employees—informed. No more are IT support lines overwhelmed or customers left wondering about the status of a service. By offering transparency, our Status Pages foster trust, enhance customer retention, and keep employees in the loop, even during the most challenging times.
Status Page

Incident Management

In an unpredictable digital landscape, a robust incident response plan is key. Our Incident Management suite is a testament to our commitment to equipping businesses with proactive tools to mitigate the costs of downtime and maintain the operational integrity of their organization when incidents strike. We've distilled our understanding of IT challenges and our experience into a product that lets companies not just react, but thrive during IT incidents. By allowing IT teams to set predefined workflows and tasks in advance, and providing effective escalations, our solution ensures that the right teams are armed with the right information at crucial moments. This not only expedites resolution but also mitigates the cascading effects of IT outages. It's not merely about managing incidents; it's about transforming your business into an efficient machine that can excel in times of uncertainty.
Incident Management

Our Customers

Learn how Quickbase, an award-winning cloud-based application development platform for creating custom solutions to everyday business challenges, employed StatusCast to increase the transparency of their system status and availability.
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View Case Study
See how one of the nations top universities leveraged our public status page to optimize incident communication and protect their community from critical service disruptions.
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Learn more about how the Douglass Technology Commission uses a status page to change their old methods of communicating. Quick to set up and easy to use.
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