Since 2013 StatusCast has steadily built a reputation for providing large corporate companies and SaaS vendors with enterprise-class status page solutions, providing open and accurate real time communication about the availability of IT services. Despite being favored by enterprise-scale businesses, affordability and ease of use means the solution also appeals strongly to SMBs.

StatusCast originated as an innovation by a successful SaaS company that needed to develop status page and incident management capabilities. Deciding that the business warranted their full time focus, the founders spun StatusCast off of its larger parent cloud services company in 2019. This allowed the time, resource and thinking to be put into refining the solution, making the company the leading independent status page vendor on the market, in terms of revenue and product maturity.

The StatusCast platform provides exciting solutions that enable larger businesses to achieve critical operational improvements through greater efficiency, reducing costs and improving productivity. At a higher level, it serves the governance mission by allowing the adoption of a more strategic approach to IT service communication and managing IT events.

The launch of the StatusCast Incident Management solution marks the latest chapter in the company’s evolution. This extends StatusCast’s reach, no longer just providing service information, but adding the capability for enterprises to manage the complex events that lie behind status page service notifications.

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