Audience Specific Pages

Automatically generate Custom Status Pages for each end user based on their specific needs and roles!
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Who You Are = What You See

Catering to different roles in your company can be challenging, often requiring multiple status pages and notification channels.

With audience status pages, who you are determines what you see. You get different views of components and services, and different methods of notifications within one status page solution!

Configure Audiences

Construct audience groups to assign components, incidents, and services to audience specific users.

By harnessing subscription filtering and role-based access, you can effortlessly generate personalized status page views and notifications for your audiences on a large scale.

Minimize Noise. Improve UX.

The custom views that audience status pages provide improves your status page user experience by cutting to the heart of what matters for each end user.

Display only relevant information on the page, and mitigate alert fatigue by only notifying end users when services and components that matter to them are affected!

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