Status Page Automation With
Codeless Integrations

StatusCast Beacons Are Codeless Integrations That Act As A Universal Connector To 
Manage Your Incident Workflows, Boosting Your IT Observability And Alerting Capabilities.

Escalation Policies

Our beacons enable status page automation through intelligent escalation policies. These policies notify crucial team members based on incident severity and communication preferences, ensuring prompt engagement and rapid incident resolution. When systems go down, StatusCast reduces manual work and boosts incident response times in your organization.

Rules-Based Automation

You can push any content to your StatusCast account via webhooks or e-mail. Configure your Beacons to parse the content in any way you like and create an endless set of rules and actions that you want to take place based on everything you receive.

Webinar: AI Powered Smart Incident Messaging

Discover the power of AI with StatusCast's Smart Incident Messaging, engineered to streamline incident communication for IT teams. Our cutting-edge AI assistant generates accurate and timely incident notifications, enabling your IT professionals to concentrate on addressing issues without delay. With the ability to analyze and emulate the tone of previous updates, Smart Incident Messaging guarantees coherent and polished incident communication for all your incident reports. Embrace the potential of AI to enhance your incident management process. Check out our short webinar to learn more about how our new feature is leveling up IT automation.
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Third Party Status Page Integration

Set up Beacons to receive alerts from your third-party monitoring services. We offer out-of-the-box support for numerous enterprise applications, and custom integration is just a few clicks away. Our pre-built integrations connect with hundreds of third-party status pages, enabling you to seamlessly receive automated incident alerts and act upon them. Notify your team about Azure downtime or push a Dropbox maintenance event to keep your employees informed.

Prefer Manual To Auto?

As Beacons arrive from your third-party systems, you can alert your team and have them acknowledge the event before triggering automated rules. However, if you prefer manual control at this stage, your team can manually migrate any external event to a new incident.

Built to connect with your favorite tools

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Game Changing ITSM Automation

Unifying Third Party Status Pages

Our codeless integrations simplify your incident management process by seamlessly connecting with any third-party status page. We provide status pages that integrate with third party SaaS and PaaS status pages, consolidating critical updates for your users in one place. By integrating these status pages into a single source of truth, your users can stay informed about all the relevant services that affect them without having to bounce between multiple pages. Our incident response software ensures that your organization remains transparent and keeps users updated during critical events.

The Future Of IT Automation

In order to satisfy our core mission here at StatusCast, which is to empower IT teams to reduce the real cost of downtime: lost employee productivity, we need to be forward looking and rapidly evolving when it comes to incorporating incident management automation tools into our solutions. We envision a growing role for automation in the world of incident management, empowering you to rapidly tackle incidents without your productivity being crushed by repetitive, ancillary tasks while your service is down. 

All-In-One Incident Management

Our incident response solution offers a comprehensive approach to incident management, combining automation and extensive integrations to provide a complete package for organizations at any scale. By automating incident management with our beacons, your IT teams can focus on addressing critical incidents and ensuring the security of your data and network. Our platform offers a unified solution for your organization's incident response needs, helping you stay ahead of potential threats and minimize downtime.

Unlock IT Resources And Potential

With our automated incident response, your organization can maximize the efficiency of your IT teams and resources. Our codeless integrations enable seamless communication between your incident management systems, allowing your IT teams to focus on what matters most - protecting your business and ensuring a smooth user experience. Automating your incident response process not only saves time and resources, but also empowers your IT teams to proactively address potential issues, maintaining the stability and security of your organization's infrastructure.

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