Provide a single point of access to information on an application’s status and cut costs by proactively communicating IT service events with subscribers through effective subscriber management.

Effective Communication

A status page is superb for providing a single point of access for displaying your corporate or application status. However, the real cost savings achieved with StatusCast stem from the workflow and productivity efficiencies that arise from proactively communicating with status page subscribers about incidents and scheduled maintenance events.

Engaged Subscribers

Your subscribers are those likely to benefit from receiving notifications, including customers, employees, or partners. Subscribers have the right information, enabling them to avoid the need to contact the help desk, adapting their own workflows, and planning when disrupted workflows can be resumed based on service restoration estimates. Keeping your status page subscriber informed is key to fostering a responsive and adaptive communication environment.

Scalable Subscriber Management

StatusCast provides rich subscriber management features that are highly scalable, allowing you to manage thousands of subscribers easily. You can also optionally allow end users to set up and manage their own subscriptions directly from your status page, enhancing the subscriber experience and giving them control over their notification preferences.

Channel Agility

Subscribers can be notified about incidents via any channel they prefer. StatusCast provides a rich range of notification channels and deep integrations with all your favorite enterprise applications, ensuring that your status page subscribers are well-informed through their preferred communication channels.

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