End User Incident Reporting

Transform your status page into a two-way communication hub. Easy 1-click reporting that 
enhances user experience on your status page and accelerates incident response times.

Improve Status Page UX

Status Pages have become the single source of truth that users look to during outages. It is usually the case that your users will experience service disruptions before they are picked up by your monitoring tools. If a user is having trouble accessing a service, and they check your status page, only to find that the status page declares everything to be working, they are often left in the dark as to what to do next. Embedding end user reporting into your status page gives them a one-click solution to the uncertainty of encountering unreported incidents.

Two Way Communication

End-User Incident Reporting revolutionizes the way large enterprises manage incident communication by creating a direct channel of communication between employees and IT teams. Your employees now become your first responders, swiftly reporting incidents to your IT department, fostering a reciprocal flow of information that streamlines and expedites resolution of service disruptions.

End User Incident Reporting: Webinar

Our End User Incident Reporting is a first of its kind feature that enhances status page functionality, enabling users to promptly report incidents to IT teams. Integrated within the status page, this innovation simplifies and accelerates the reporting process, fostering a two-way communication hub between users and IT professionals. Designed to streamline incident management in large enterprises with complex systems and distributed operations, this feature ultimately reduces incident resolution times and improves overall productivity. Secure your spot in our May 23rd Webinar to learn more.
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Easy Reporting

End users are able to simply click on a service component from the status page to quickly indicate the issue.

Automatic Incident Creation

Our Beacon and escalation rules automatically convert end user reports into pending incidents when a service is reported as down by users within a specified timeframe.

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