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Consolidate the real-time status of all the applications your company relies on.
Directly to your status page.
Event & Notification
Uptime Monitoring
Metric Displays
Other Integrations

Integrate & Automate

Integrate & Automate with StatusCast's status page integrations. StatusCast integrates into your DevOps monitoring tools, enabling status page integration with alerts from a wide range of uptime monitoring and Application Performance Management solutions that are readily integrated. Leverage our status page api to build custom integrations and automation.

Configure Workflows

With StatusCast, you can set up your workflow to auto-create incidents based on notifications received from your APM apps, enhancing status page automation. Allow your DevOps team to stay in control by letting them see alerts first before actually publishing or notifying your end users.


Use any enterprise third party integrations for authenticating your users or subscribers with StatusCast. We offer a host of SSO integrations to make working with your existing infrastructure a breeze.

Custom Email Options

If you would like to use your own custom email service, we’ve got the integrations ready to go. Easily switch from our in-house bulk mail capabilities to any of these third party services using our own account. You can even use your own in-house SMTP server if you don’t have access to a bulk email service.

Broadcast Integrations

Enterprise customers can use StatusCast’s integration with collaboration tools to notify users en-masse when problems occur. Additionally, feel free to set up a custom webhook so you can push a status page notification to any third party application you want to host or develop. Our broadcast integrations include Slack, Microsoft Teams, and generic Webhooks.

Google Integrations

StatusCast integrates with your favorite Google Services out of the box. Easily tie your status page into a Google Calendar so your employees can see upcoming scheduled maintenance and incident history. Add Google Analytics to your status page so you can track activity and usage. Support for Google Translate lets you show status pages in the native languages of your global audience. Know just how popular your status page gets when things are going wrong.

Link External Services To Your Application

If your status page is publishing an application that relies on access to a third party service you can link your SaaS vendors automatically. Use our built in workflow to automatically create your own incident when a third party service goes down.

'Teamware' App Integrations

Slack and Teams have become indispensable tools for many IT departments, by allowing multichannel, multithreaded communication and collaboration, using messaging, chat, video and file exchange. With StatusCast you keep it that way! Our Slack and Teams integrations provide new ways to interact with our platform and get your work done directly from within those apps.

SaaS Status Page Integration

Integrate directly with hundreds of external third party status pages out of the box. Consolidate the real-time status of all the applications your company relies on directly to your private status page.


StatusCast’s Beacons are a code free way to integrate with just about any other IT infrastructure asset or service. Use Beacons to manage all alerts and notifications that create or update the status of incidents within your account.

Social For Business

Social media is often an outlet for your customers to keep up to date with your organization. Authorize StatusCast to post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that when an incident occurs your followers will be notified in their feeds.

Perfect For SaaS Vendors

Track the dependencies of the third-party apps and services you use to build your customer solutions more easily with StatusCast. Use a private status page to monitor and understand what’s going on with every outsourced service you use.

Perfect For IT Departments

Your employees rely on applications from outside as well as inside your network. StatusCast lets you quickly add the status from hundreds of external application service providers directly to your private status page. Let your employees see what’s going on directly from the SaaS provider, rather than calling your help desk and asking them.

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