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Effective Internal Incident Communication For Your Employees To Reduce The Greatest Cost Of Service Outages: Lost Productivity
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Control The Flow Of Information

Private Status Pages offer high-level control over information sharing by limiting incident reporting by organization, team or IP address. Provide end users with unique status page views and notifications, to keep them optimally informed and maximally productive.

Secure How You Authenticate

Access control is managed via authentication, either using our built in login accounts, single-sign on (SSO), or integration with Google Login.

Subscriber Management

Configure private status page custom views at scale for each end user. Improving your capacity to manage subscriber access, allowing them to receive updates on incidents relevant to them.



StatusCast has been proven to be a robust ITSM provider for over 10 years, trusted by the worlds largest enterprise IT departments as a failsafe in times of uncertainty.

Enterprise Level Security

Our SOC Type II Audit provides security guarantees to ensure that your organizational infrastructure and integrity remain intact.

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