Keep Your Campus Informed During Service Outages

Don’t let IT disruptions take away from your students’ learning experience. 

Empower your community with our purpose-built Status Page solutions that keep your faculty productive and your students informed during IT incidents.
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Public Status Page

Public Status Pages are the user-facing communication component of your Incident Management solution. When key infrastructure like your student portal or important educational applications like Canvas are down, your public status page will keep students and faculty productive and informed, saving them from wasting time.

Audience Specific Page

Generate custom status pages with information that is tailored to each of your audiences. With audience pages, who you are = what you see. Easily segment your community by campus, department or organization, and deliver maximally relevant status page views and notification to each audience.
Audience Specific Page

Private Status Page

Protect your university’s service status with permission-based access to your status page. Enhanced functionality for Single Sign-On, as well as Role-Based Widgets and Access provide highly specific controls over what your faculty and students have access to.

VCU Case Study

Many large scale universities grapple with fragmented communication processes, and when outages strike, your students and faculty need a single-source-of-truth for all the critical services they rely on.

See how one of the nations top universities leveraged our public status page to optimize incident communication and protect their community from service disruptions. Our case study is an effective blueprint for other universities looking to optimize their incident communication.
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Advantages For Higher Education

Services For Students

StatusCast empowers campus IT departments as they support students in their pursuit of learning. Our public and private status pages can be used to create a single-source-of-truth that your students can turn to when their services are down. Easily distribute automated, multi-channel notifications to keep students affected by service outages informed of status updates.

Faculty Services

Faculty members with different view requirements than the public can leverage our audience specific pages. These allow you to deliver the right level of information relative to the specific needs of your teaching and support personnel.

More Productive Campuses

Whatever learning styles are adopted by faculty, or favored by students, technology resources are critical enablers of learning. Managing service incidents with StatusCast keeps your IT team productive and accelerates them to quicker problem resolution. Restoring services as quickly as possible is key to minimizing interruptions to learning.

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