Teams & Shifts

When things go wrong, providing access to the right expertise 24/7 is critical to maintaining operational services. Make sure you are adequately and appropriately resourced by having the right people primed to respond.

On-Shift Work Schedules

Ensure the right mix of knowledge and skills is always available by defining and setting up on-shift work schedules to coordinate the most appropriate shifts and teams to provide support 24/7.

On-Call Notifications

Alert the right teams and shifts of developing situations with codeless Beacon integration to effectively distribute incident notifications across the optimal communication channels.

Real Time Updates

Make sure all relevant team members that need to be in the loop is kept fully informed of developments as you manage each incident through its entire lifecycle.

Ensure Accountability

Ensure complete accountability 24/7 across your help desk and support teams and shifts by assigning incidents and Beacons to groups and individuals.

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