Incident Management

Incident Management Software for Planned and Sudden Events

Achieve faster incident resolution. Organize a coordinated, collaborative response that expedites all the steps needed to restore services after planned maintenance or disruption.

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Avoid Wasting Time by Accelerating Incident Response

Organize Your Response

Be prepared by having your incident management process mapped out and ready to go when the unexpected strikes. Prime your Help Desk for an optimized response by organizing on-call personnel, automating alerts, and planning for escalation between specialized service teams.

Reduce Business Impacts

Know who the right people are, take the correct action, and reduce downtime. Hook up the appropriate experts and provide them with the right information to make the right decisions and recover as quickly as possible. Resolve incidents faster with our incident management system, which helps to minimize the duration of outages and disruption to productivity

Learn From Past Events

Improve future responses and identify any event patterns with our enterprise incident management software. Optimize future responses by understanding what could have been done better in previous incidents. Create a more resilient and reliable infrastructure by tuning maintenance routines and addressing weaknesses in hardware and software.

Incident Management Software Features

End-to-End Incident Management All in One Place

On-call Management and Collaboration

Manage every aspect of each incident throughout its entire lifecycle. From initial report to resolution, and post incident root cause analysis.

Codeless Integrations

Use our beacons to connect and communicate with any third party system and automate your incident management workflows.

Intelligent Notifications and Escalations

Automate incident response management to notify the right people and escalate appropriately. Assign teams, on-call schedules, and keep everyone in the loop.

Work Where You Work

Full integration with Slack and MS Teams lets your team collaborate from any location throughout the entire Incident management lifecycle.


Advanced KPI and SLA reporting on all your IT assets as well as for monitoring progress on the steps set out to manage incidents through to successful resolution.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration links incident management with the private or public status pages for any part of your infrastructure, no matter how complex.


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