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StatusCast Case Studies

Discover how a titan in the world of digital communications harnessed StatusCast’s private status page to revolutionize their internal incident communication across a global workforce of 80,000 employees.
Discover how a leader in cloud communications, elevated its incident management strategy by implementing StatusCast’s Status Page and Incident Management solutions. As a result, 8x8 achieved significant improvements in transparency and customer experience.
See how one of the nations top universities leveraged our public status page to optimize incident communication and protect their community from critical service disruptions.
Explore how QuickBase, a renowned cloud database solution for custom business applications, leveraged StatusCast to optimize uptime reporting and improve incident communication for over 6,000 clients.
Learn how Pima Community College deployed StatusCast’s public status page and notification capabilities to efficiently inform its 31,000 students and 3,000 employes of outages, weather disruptions and scheduled maintenance.
Learn how DOTComm, overseeing IT for the City of Omaha and Douglas County, shifted from a cumbersome in-house system to StatusCast’s hosted status page solution, ensuring efficient and transparent incident communication for over 6,000 IT users.
Unpack Endeavor Communications’ transformative journey with StatusCast, shifting from custom-built tools to a unified status page solution, enhancing IT communication for over 9,000 customers across multiple service lines.
Discover how a leading cybersecurity provider for 25,000 customers leveled up their service delivery and customer communication, demonstrating how the status page is the key to service transparency and operational efficiency.

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