A Case Study

Endeavor Communications

Endeavor Communications, a trusted rural co-op telecom company, has always been at the heart of connecting communities in Indiana. As the technological landscape evolved and customer expectations heightened, their bespoke IT status tools began to face challenges of scalability and efficiency. Endeavor quickly recognized the imperative need to transition from multiple in-house tools to a single centralized, hosted status page solution, ensuring consistent and clear incident communication for their customers.

Company overview

Endeavor Communications started in 1950 as the Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative, which was incorporated to provide telephone service to small towns and rural areas in Indiana. Between 1955 and 1980, Endeavor acquired nine exchanges in an eight county area. Today, Endeavor serves approximately 9,000 members with services that span High Speed Internet, Television, IT Services, Security Solutions, Business Phone Solutions, and Wireless. 





Use Case

Public Status Page

The Need For A First-Class Status Page

Endeavor initially built its own custom tools for managing and reporting IT issues. These tools were effective in responding to outages, but with the growth of the company, Endeavor needed a more proactive way to communicate IT uptime and issues with its large customer base.

Why StatusCast

When Endeavor began their search, they looked at several status page tools from leading providers. As the evaluation team compared the benefits of providers on its shortlist, it found that StatusCast was easy to implement, and the dashboard was super simple to customize. This was critical for Endeavor because they planned to leverage a status page solution for three areas of their business.

What tipped the scale in StatusCast’s favor was its integration with social media platforms. The ability to have an IT status update post automatically to a status page as well as social media platforms was a huge selling point. In addition. Endeavor noted that StatusCast’s sales and technical support are great, providing personalized service.

The Result

With StatusCast, Endeavor has been able to setup its three status pages quickly and has been able to customize them to the target audiences for each service line. In addition, they are able to proactively alert their customers about planned downtime versus just reporting problems. Take a look at one of Endeavor’s status pages. This status page serves nearly 9,000 customers and is organized by county to make customer navigation simple and easy.

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