Metric Collection & Publishing

The devil is in the details. Add custom status page metrics, analytics and SLA data to your status page. Tell the complete story and illustrate what you want to say with supportive data points.

Full on Service Level Reporting

Every business service has to perform to a standard. For your IT department or your SaaS application, these standards are usually defined by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). With StatusCast, you automatically keep track of the operational uptime for all your corporate assets or across every individual component and service, ensuring comprehensive service level reporting.

You are Always in Control!

StatusCast let’s you sense check to determine whether incidents you have created were the actual cause of downtime and should be factored into the uptime stats for the specific set of components that may have been affected. This level of control enhances your metric collection capabilities.

The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes your customers or employees want to see more than incident management updates. StatusCast lets you include historical metric information from a variety of sources. Show server response rates, page load times, and any other time-based data you want, augmenting your status page metrics display.

Push Data from Third Party Sources to your Status Page

Our status page API lets you push any custom data from third-party sources to display on your status page. We also have direct integrations with your favorite uptime monitors and APMs, including out of the box support for ingesting and displaying metric data from applications like Pingdom and New Relic. With just a few simple clicks, you can be showing a live data feed on your status page, enriching your metric collection and service level reporting capabilities.

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