Status Page Pricing

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Status Page Pricing & Feature FAQs

Basic Branding vs. Advanced Customization

Basic branding allows you to add a logo and basic color setup to your status page.  Advanced customizations allows you access to all of StatusCast’s premade themes, page builder, additional display widgets, custom CSS and HTML.

Basic vs. Advanced Integrations

StatusCast is constantly adding new status page integrations.  For a complete list of which integrations are provided in our Basic or Advanced Integrations, log in to your account and select our Integrations option.

Who’s an Administrator? Subscriber? Employee?

Administrators are users who log in to our administrative portal.  We provide two kinds of administrators:  full access administrators can setup and configure your entire StatusCast account.  Incident managers can log in and create and manage incidents.

Subscribers are external viewers to your public status page that sign up to be notified for new incidents and incident updates.  Subscribers can remain mostly anonymous and just submit their email for notifications, or may create a login password so they can manage their subscriber account in more detail.

Employees are subscribers who have access to your private status page.  They have the same capability as subscribers, however since your status page is private, they must be invited or added manually to your account by administrators.

Which SSO services do you integrate with?

StatusCast proudly integrates with any valid SAML 2.0 authority.  In addition, we have special integrations with Okta and Azure Active Directory services.

Can I buy additional subcribers or components?

In some cases we will allow customers to add additional subscribers to smaller plans.  However, we have found that most the time as your subscriber and component needs grow, so does access to other features.  Please feel free to contact us.  We aim to please and will work with you to get you a package that fits your needs.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime.  Contact us here, chat with us live, or e-mail us here.