Do You Use Atlassian's Status Page?

Sign a 1 year deal with us and we’ll let you use our Status Page solution
Absolutely Free until your contract with Atlassian ends.

Why Do Organizations Choose StatusCast over Atlassian Statuspage?

Six key reasons why IT departments and service providers prefer StatusCast for delivering rich status pages.

DON’T get locked-in to Atlassian

Avoid being tied to the Atlassian ecoworld and the risks that come with being locked-in to a proprietary system. StatusCast is a best-of-breed, independent and vendor agnostic status page solution.

The ONLY enterprise-class alternative

We are the ONLY other vendor with enterprise capabilities, such as audience views, SLA and uptime stats, SSO, private pages, and SOC II certification to fully support your privacy and security guidelines.

Integrate with ANY third-party system

Integration made easy with pre-built codeless Beacons, universal connectors for linking application monitoring (APM) systems. Webhooks and email simplify connecting apps, as well as third-party and internal pages.

Customize for a RICHER brand experience

Provide a better user experience (UX) with full control of style to match your brand, and unique customized views. Outstanding capability to filter StatusPage information and control the data that is shared with stakeholders.

Shadow with us for FREE until Atlassian ends

Still in contract with SP? Sign a 1 year deal with us and use us free until it ends. That’s right – switch to StatusCast for free until Atlassian expires… Then start the clock on our 1 year contract.

AVOID lost productivity with Status Page + IM

StatusCast is a FULL SERVICE incident management AND status page solution. Instead of buying 2 different products from Atlassian, get an integrated solution that lets your stakeholders avoid lost productivity when services are unavailable.

Customer Status Pages

Our Competitive Advantage

Codeless Integrations

While both Atlassian and StatusCast offer hundreds of integrations, StatusCast minimizes the complexity our users face with Codeless Integrations.
Connect to uptime and application monitoring systems with support for webhook or email
Connect your status pages to third party pages and your own internal pages

Component Structure

Our robust component structure lets an organization truly represent its IT infrastructure
StatusCast provides 5 levels of component depth while Atlassian only provides 2.
Depth in reporting enables better Root Cause Analysis and deeper component level control over notifications and visibility enables faster incident resolution
Set roles (subscriber, employee, manager, admin), visibility and create custom relationships

End User and Stakeholder Notification

Complete flexibility in choosing what type of notifications are sent out
Determine who gets notified via component subscription, group access, or role assignment
Fine tune the look and feel of email notifications with fully editable HTML email templates

Custom Pages for Unique User Experiences

‘Break the mold’ of conventional status pages where page customization is poor
StatusCast lets organizations tailor content, and the look and feel to provide unique views for end users
StatusCast offers an outstanding level of filtering by role, component, or audience group compared to
Get full control and choose exactly what data is shared with end users


Atlassian’s Statuspage, with limited component levels, offers minimal reporting
Get full blown reporting on incidents from multiple points of view with StatusCast
Very detailed reports including performance against SLAs, delivery of notifications and traffic information
Superior reporting compared to Statuspage which only provides subscribers and general audit data

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