Notification & Channels 

Get the benefit of multichannel communications and make sure your end-users hear from you with subscription alerts that are delivered the way they want.

Communicate in Language Users Understand!

Most DevOps alerting applications are crafted for your IT team, relaying technical information that may be cryptic to your end users. Utilize a StatusCast status page to articulate outages to your application users in a manner that’s easy for them to grasp. With StatusCast, you wield control over the information flow, guaranteeing your IT department conveys a coherent message to your end users, alongside clear status notifications.

Alerts & Notifications on all the Usual Channels

The Status Page
Email Notifications
SMS Messaging
Push to iOS and Android App
RSS Feeds

App Specific Cloud Channels

StatusCast’s status pages are enterprise-ready. If you prefer not to use our platform directly, we’ll seamlessly integrate into any of your favorite cloud applications to push server downtime notifications directly from your accounts, keeping everyone informed.

Incident Templates

Use StatusCast’s downtime notification templates to customize exactly how your message is presented. Assign every incident type and status with a different default look and feel. Control the structure and content of e-mail notifications to ensure that they are aligned with your organization’s requirements. Add additional HTML and CSS to your email templates to truly customize the experience.

“Great for SaaS companies that want to maintain their brand during all customer communications.”

Scheduled Maintenance

Whenever you're aware that an application or service is due for some downtime, leverage StatusCast’s scheduled maintenance services for adept maintenance notifications. Create a scheduled maintenance event and dispatch a series of reminders to your end users ahead of time, keeping them informed on what’s forthcoming. You dictate the frequency at which StatusCast sends downtime notifications, with the flexibility to reschedule them at any time.

Manage Your Status Page Subscribers

Oversee all of your status page subscribers from an intuitive control panel. Add new users in bulk, import subscribers effortlessly via a simple copy + paste or in bulk with a CSV file, ensuring a seamless flow of status page notifications.

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