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StatusCast provides a rich feature set proven to enable the IT teams in today’s organizations to deliver superior incident management and status pages.

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All StatusCast Features

Incident Management

A full complement of best in class tools, to create, manage, collaborate, report, forensically examine and learn from each incident.

Public Status page

Publish to the world so that you can let your global stakeholder audience see availability and have incident reporting if you want.

Private Status Page

Control who is able to see status page information with permission-based access to private pages that protect your organization’s service status and limits access to employees or partners.

Workspace Collaboration

Three dedicated workspace types let you better manage incidents, service components and third-party integrated assets and applications across your infrastructure.

Task Management

Organize incident workflow and measure the performance of your IT team around the complex sets of tasks that go to make up today’s IT environments.

Teams & Shifts

Ensure that you properly organize resources so you have the right expertise available on call 24/7 to remediate and escalate.

Work from Slack/Teams

Deep integration lets you use embedded commands within social business tools to interact and manage incidents within StatusCast.

Codeless Integrations

The power to integrate just about anything makes StatusCast truly a hub for all status pages and incident management.


Report on the full range of incident and status page data so that you can identify opportunities to streamline and perform quality management.

Audience Groups

Configure private status page custom views at scale for each end user.

Customization & Branding

Make sure your status pages conform with the design standards that govern the rest of your business with customizable CSS-styled branding.

Notification Channels

Full support for pushing out notifications to alert users and IT team members on all the channels that they prefer.


Manage your users as subscribers and groups, allowing them to receive updates on the incidents that are of relevance to them.

Metric Collection & Publishing

Assemble custom metrics, analytics and SLA data within your status pages to provide context and proof points for your subscribers.

Uptime SLA Tracking

Accurately measure, report and publish availability information on the most important KPI you have with StatusCast’s uptime tracking.

End User Incident Reporting

Make your status pages a two-way communication tool by enabling end users to use your pages to report incidents and service issues.


A comprehensive integration capability provides an almost limitless opportunity to connect, automate and communicate.

Security & Access

Configuration tools to control access to your information and to the StatusCast platform so you always are in control.


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