Task Management

Organizing your IT team’s workflow around tasks provides a logical way to stay on top of the myriad of infrastructure components and assets in even the largest enterprises. Measure performance across your team through the lens of task management, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Incident Management & Status Page Reports

Recurring Job Management

Plan and manage recurring jobs with our task management software. Make sure routine maintenance tasks don’t fall through the cracks or fall by the wayside. Ensure your infrastructure is optimized to perform at its best, leveraging a structured task management system.

Tracking and Incident Resolution

Use task completion to monitor and keep track of the progress of each incident all the way through to resolution.

Accountability For All

Whether tasks are assigned to an individual or a group, StatusCast ensures there is full accountability for those working independently, or those with collective responsibility. Our task management software fosters a culture of accountability, making sure every task is accounted for, propelling your team towards success.

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