Public Status Page

Public Status Pages dramatically reduce the cost of handling thousands of inbound support requests when an IT service is disrupted.

Private Status Page

Protect your organization’s service status with permission-based access to your corporate status page. 

Incident Management

Be prepared for outages before they occur. Manage workflows, map dependencies, identify recurring problems, and drive root cause analysis.


Public Status Pages


Built to tackle Complex Incidents

Codeless Integration

Our Visual Rule Builder lets you create codeless integrations into any monitoring service.


Multichannel flexibility for incident communication on web, Slack, mobile, email and other channels.


Drag and drop, pre-made templates, and support for custom CSS all help create great looking Status Pages that match your website.

Audience Groups

Configure custom views at scale for each end user with Private Status Pages.

Manage Incidents From Slack

Automatically create incident channels and manage your workflow all from within Slack.

Task Management

Organize incident workflows and track your teams progress managing the complex tasks of today’s IT environments.


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