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Incident Management

Keep Your Employees Productive And Your Users Informed When Systems Go Down.
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Public Status Page

Private Status Page

Audience Specific Pages

Incident Management

Public Status Page

Dramatically reduce the cost of handling thousands of support requests when services go down by keeping users informed.
Reduce IT Support Costs
Keep Users Informed
Minimize Help Desk Overload
Increase Productivity
Fully Customizable
Codeless Integrations

Private Status Page

Effective Internal Incident Communication with permission-based access to your status pages.
Controlled Access
Enhance Trust In
Your IT Team
Single Sign-On
Limit Incident 
Reporting By IP
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Audience Specific Pages

Generate Custom Status Pages and Tailor Notifications for your subscribers at scale to keep them optimally informed.
Eliminate Alert Fatigue
Component Level Subscription
Create Custom Views 
Enhanced Segmentation
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Incident Management

A Comprehensive Incident Management Suite to manage, collaborate, report, forensically examine and learn from each incident.
Asset-First Approach
On-Call Management
and Collaboration
Identify Recurring Problems
Manage Workflows
Drive Root Cause 
Map Dependencies
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Built to tackle complex incidents

Fully Customizable

Organize incident workflows and track your teams progress managing the complex tasks of today’s IT environments.

Manage Incidents From Slack

Automatically create incident channels and manage your workflow all from within Slack.

Extensive Notifications

Multichannel flexibility for incident communication on web, Slack, mobile, email and other channels.

Features to mitigatethe real costs of downtime

With a laser focus on simply reducing downtime, most incident management products fail 
to alleviate the greatest cost of outages, lost employee productivity. StatusCast 
helps keep employees productive by keeping all your stakeholders informed.
Codeless Integrations
Comprehensive Reporting
Task Management
Our Visual Rule Builder lets you create codeless integrations into any third party system.
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Report on the full range of incident and status page data so that you can identify opportunities to streamline and perform quality management.
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Organize incident workflow and measure the performance of your IT team around the complex sets of tasks that go to make up today’s IT environments.
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Built to connect with your favorite tools

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