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Everything A Status Page Should Be

Take charge with StatusCast during incidents and convert disasters into customer service achievements.

Communicate application status and uptime.
Proactively notify customers of scheduled maintenance.
Report and promote your application service levels.

With StatusCast, you’ll experience a sense of serenity and an increased level of trust from your customers and employees.

Customizable Status Pages

StatusCast is built to be customized. Design your status page from head to toe, ensuring that your brand is represented the way you need it to. Swap out notification templates to control the structure of your messaging. The sky’s the limit with StatusCast.

Check out some example pages

Slick Themes

Choose from over 10 pre-made themes to start styling your status page.

Notification Templates

Control the structure and content of notifications to ensure that they are on par with your organization’s requirements.

Custom Domain

Replace your out-of-the-box StatusCast domain name with an HTTPS supported CNAME.

Advanced Styling

Add additional custom CSS to get your status page to look and feel as if it were another page on your website or app.

Subscribe to updates

Get updates about your app automatically through E-Mail, SMS, RSS, or Webhook.

Set Component Statuses

Map out your application with components and sub-components so that your subscribers know exactly what is effected.

Show Metrics

Use your status page to display metrics about your app’s performance from systems like Pingdom and New Relic.

Uptime Tracking

Display your app’s historical and recent uptime percentage stats.

What Our Customers Say 

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Built on Microsoft Windows Azure, we use .NET Access Control Services and SAML tokens to meet major regulatory requirements out of the box.


StatusCast delivers a reliable performance to all of it’s customers, if you don’t believe us then check out our status page.


Built on Microsoft Azure, StatusCast can easily scale to meet high scale demands of enterprise organizations.

Pricing& Plans

  • Professional
  • $299.95/Month
    • Full Branding Customization
    • 25 service components
    • 5,000 Subscribers
    • E-mail, SMS, and RSS Notifications
    • Basic Integrations

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  • Enterprise
  • Custom Pricing
    • Full (css) Customization
    • 100 service components
    • 20,000 Subscribers
    • E-mail, SMS, and RSS Notifications
    • Enterprise Integrations
    • Private Application(invite Only)

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