A Status Page for Communicating Downtime and Scheduled Maintenance to Employees and Customers


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Dramatically Reduce IT Support Costs

You know the drill: your e-mail server goes down, and all of a sudden, your help desk is flooded with 1,000 new support requests. A corporate StatusCast hosted status page reduces inbound help desk costs by preventing this from happening in the first place.

Increase Employee Productivity

Keep productivity at a maximum! When apps go down, employees and customers waste a lot of time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Through an up-to-date status page, StatusCast proactively lets them know what’s going on and keeps them in the loop. They’ll love you for it!

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Incident Communication Done Right

Informing your end-users of a change in the status of your services is essential to keeping productivity maximized. Whether you need an up-to-date higher education status page to keep students informed, or an SaaS status page with the latest information for customers, we’ve got you covered. Proper communication helps maintain a trusting relationship with your end-users. StatusCast facilitates quick, easy, and reliable communication.

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Key Features

Proactive Communications

Tell your employees or customers about incidents before they find out the hard way. Communicate via e-mail, text messaging, and other distribution channels.

Integrated Cloud Apps

Automatically integrated with the status of thousands of cloud based services.


Scheduled Maintenance

Set up future incidents and automatically send multiple reminders before a service is affected.


Fully Customizable

Your status page, your way. Avoid the cookie-cutter look your competitors offer and enhance your brand.


StatusCast Employee Productivity

Component Level Subscriptions

StatusCast lets your end users subscribe to individual pieces of your infrastructure. You might have a large status page with lots of individual components and applications, component level subscriptions let your end users filter and receive alerts for only the pieces they are interested in.

Integrated with the status of all your favorite Business SaaS and PaaS Applications

Safe and Secure

StatusCast is SOC-2 compliant and fully audited to meet major regulatory requirements. 

Enterprise Ready

StatusCast supports two-factor authentication and single sign-on services. Your security is our top priority! You can rest assured that your enterprise status page will always be reliable.


StatusCast delivers reliable hosted status page services to all of our customers. Check out our FEATURES for testimonies from satisfied clients.

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Douglass Omaha Technology

"StatusCast's scheduled maintenance features makes our life so much easier!"

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"The support we've gotten from StatusCast has been incredible."


"It's very versatile. We have a lot of control over the content."

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University of Alabama

"Extremely helpful and easy to use."


"Ease of use and user friendliness has been a big advantage to us."


"Love the tool and support has been excellent!"

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