A Case Study

How A Leading SaaS Provider Elevated Their Incident Response and Improved Customer Satisfaction with StatusCast

At 8x8, a SaaS leader in VoIP, contact center, and cloud communications solutions, the challenge of effectively managing incident communications for a diverse, global customer base was paramount. With its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience and enhancing incident communication, 8x8 turned to StatusCast’s Public Status Page and Incident Management platforms. Learn how 8x8 achieved streamlined incident management, improved employee productivity, and enhanced transparency in customer communication.

Results with StatusCast

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Company overview

Based in Campbell, CA, 8x8 is transforming the future of business communications as a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of 8x8 XCaaS™ (Experience Communications as a Service™), an integrated contact center, voice communications, video, chat, and SMS solution built on one global cloud communications platform. 8x8 uniquely eliminates the silos between Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) to power the communications requirements of all employees globally as they work together to deliver differentiated customer experiences. 





Use Case

Incident Management &
Public Status Page

In The Face of IT Disruptions

8x8 Increases Employee Productivity With StatusCast

8x8, striving to deliver the best experience to their customers, leveraged StatusCast’s Public Status Page to provide visibility and build trust with more than three million end users when incidents occur.

The 8x8 team also increased employee productivity and gained workflow efficiencies, by switching to StatusCast’s Incident Management platform.

With StatusCast, 8x8:

  • Improved their Incident Response with a platform that prioritizes improved communication at the heart of the incident management process, and provides unmatched automations to reduce complexity and equip IT to expedite incident resolution.
  • Saved Time for IT by alleviating the burden of creating and managing incident notifications with a status page, cutting through the noise and enabling IT to have a singular focus to resolve the incident at hand.

Historically, one of the greatest costs of outages is lost employee productivity. 8x8 was seeking a change from their out of the box incident management solution, as it was not customizable, had design flaws and formatting that made it difficult to use.

StatusCast was brought on to provide an incident management process that would increase awareness for all global locations and empower IT to simplify and accelerate incident resolution. This was the background that created the impetus for 8x8 to identify and adopt a status page solution. This would enable 8x8 to communicate openly and manage information sharing with customers regarding ITSM incidents.

Alex Machuca

Critical Response Director @ 8x8

“StatusCast has provided us a mechanism by which we can notify our ever-changing client/vendor database with up-to-the minute notifications on several different organization applications that otherwise would involve regular maintenance and clunky tracking processes. Being a Global Voice over IP company, as a third party application, StatusCast provides the ability to get the word out even when our organizational communication systems are out of service.” 

The Solution

Selecting The Best Status Page

There are many status page platforms to choose from. So why did 8x8 select StatusCast?

8x8 customers may be single users, or have thousands of stakeholders across a global enterprise. The team at 8x8 had considered several solutions, and decided to utilize StatusCast’s trial to gather data and architect a plan for their new approach to incident management. It became clear that flexibility and customization were key factors that would determine the solution 8x8 would choose.

Customization was a priority for 8x8 as they would need a status page that could provide separate views for each geographical region. These views would need to be flexible enough to support their complex component structure, listing sub-components by service product, and component subscriptions for users to tailor their notifications to only the components and services that affect them. 8x8’s global infrastructure supports many services and products.  There are a number of elements for each, and StatusCast supports multiple levels of nested components, enabling customers to get a more detailed view of dependencies and service availability. 

StatusCast onboarding provided a seamless transition for 8x8, with vast integrations and support in building out the status page. StatusCast worked closely with the 8x8 team to identify the look, feel, and functionality they wanted in their new portals via detailed design sessions, wireframes, and creative concepts.

Customizable status page branding, design capabilities and intuitive formatting were key to provide a status page experience for 8x8 customers that was consistent with the brand they had come to trust. 

As a Public Status Page, all end users have easy access to the status and availability of 8x8’s vast set of products and services. Customers who need a more comprehensive view and receive personalized updates are subscribers who can login to take advantage of more detailed views and real curated notifications. This setup enables 8x8 to provide transparency into their services while also providing their power users with a first class experience.

“Everybody [at StatusCast] that we worked with and the support team has been highly responsive” and “I do get a few questions from our customers asking about the capabilities of the status page and for the most part, every feature customers have asked about StatusCast has them inside the solution” Muchaca said. 

Customers and employees can now instantly get vital information in real-time. The VoIP industry leading 8x8 saves time and money on excess inventory and maintenance costs.

Jasmine Kot

NOC Project Coordinator @ 8x8

“During onboarding we had very few issues, but when there was an oddity the customer service we received was above and beyond.”

The Result

Better Status Page Capability Now & In The Future

With StatusCast, 8x8’s customers are never left in the dark about the availability of critical IT services. 8x8’s Public Status Page is information rich and tailored to the needs of individual customers by providing specific information and views for different subscriber accounts.

Access to historical performance over time provides proof of just how reliable and trustworthy 8x8’s technology services are. With enhanced transparency, 8x8 builds customer trust and breeds confidence that supports customer retention.

The IT support teams of customers save enormous amounts of time. With status page updates and subscriber notifications automatically pushed out, customers are kept in the loop while IT is freed up to focus on normal operations.

8x8’s status page works as a single-source-of-truth, saving customers and 8x8’s support team time by mitigating a flood of redundant support tickets. They quickly understand the status of a service disruption, and whether it is an external issue associated with 8x8’s infrastructure, or an internal problem that needs further investigation. 

Like all StatusCast customers, 8x8 has access to first-class general support from StatusCast, which provides continued help with 8x8’s customization and development needs.  StatusCast supports 8x8’s continual program of innovation by helping to develop integrations with upcoming versions of apps.

The Public Status Page has enhanced the 8x8 customer experience by allowing in-app support on mobile and desktop devices to deliver appropriate, realtime status page information. StatusCast's Incident Management software has also reduced complexity and increased workflow efficiency for 8x8’s IT team, reducing productivity loss and maintaining continuity of business operations during incidents.

Eric Warth

VP of Operations & StatusCast

"Having 8x8 as part of the StatusCast community has been nothing but fantastic! We like to think that we keep our ear to the ground listening to customer feedback to improve the application, and in 8x8's case, I know for a fact they have provided a plethora of valuable feedback that our team has taken and run with. From implementing filterable widgets based on their roles to enhancing security features offered by our platform, 8x8 has certainly had a positive impact on StatusCast as a whole."

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