A Case Study

Pima Community College - Protecting Students & Faculty From The Effects Of IT Incidents With StatusCast.

Discover how Pima Community College, a key player in Arizona's higher education landscape, harnessed the power of StatusCast’s public status page to revolutionize their incident communication. Faced with the challenge of efficiently informing a diverse body of students and staff across multiple campuses about IT disruptions, Pima Community College implemented StatusCast's robust incident notification system for outages, weather disruptions, and scheduled maintenance, ensuring seamless information flow and shielding campus operations from the chaos of downtime.

Results with StatusCast

49% Decrease

Mean Time To Resolution


Monthly Notifications


Status Page Subscribers

Company overview

Pima Community College offers a wide range of academic and vocational programs, catering to over 31,000 students and various industry employers. Renowned for its comprehensive two-year courses, Pima Community College is particularly acclaimed for its innovative programs in fields such as health sciences, business and information technology. Pima might be most known for their highly-regarded aviation technology program, which offers state-of-the-art training and has positioned Pima as a leading institution for aspiring aviation professionals. The college's dedication to providing quality education extends to specialized programs like advanced manufacturing, automotive technology, and public safety, all designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s workforce. 


Higher Education





Use Case

Public Status Page

The Challenge

Lack Of Incident Communication Left Staff & Students In The Dark

Pima Community College has several campuses across Southern Arizona, and when system and network outages, maintenance downtime or weather disruptions occurred, the IT team didn’t have a good way to alert staff of issues that might affect them. 

“For outages, we didn’t have any communication system in place,” said Wayne Wilson, IT Manager at Pima Community College. “For maintenance patches, we’d let the application team know, but we weren't getting it out to the staff.”

Pima’s management team decided to develop an incident communication strategy to quickly and efficiently create visibility for staff, faculty and students. To achieve this, they needed a technology solution.

Wayne Wilson

IT Manager @ Pima

“We wanted the ability to display a live status feed for all systems that would communicate any issues, as well as email and SMS messages.” 

The Solution

Seamless Integration For Streamlined Communication

To find the best solution, Pima sought out recommendations from other colleges. “We heard that StatusCast was a very strong product, and we decided to move forward,” Wilson said.

Pima worked with StatusCast’s customer success team to set up the systems they needed. StatusCast also provided training so Pima’s IT team could build within the environment. “Implementation was seamless,” Wilson said. “We were up and running within two weeks.”

Pima used StatusCast’s Third Party Status Beacons to integrate with external systems and provide visibility into their performances, including live updates on outages. Internal Status Page Beacons enabled Pima to integrate its own systems and automatically update the status page in real time. Whether it’s a network or phone outage, an electrical issue or an application outage, any issue with an integrated application is reflected in the status page. Additionally, in Pima’s help center, a StatusCast widget provides at-a-glance updates.

Pima also uses StatusCast to alert staff and students of scheduled maintenance. “Microsoft releases patches on the second Tuesday of every month, so we schedule rollouts to the rest of our servers, and post them in our data center,” Wilson said. “We’re able to schedule maintenance windows for the entire year, which empowers all staff, including the application teams, to know what’s coming and plan ahead.”

In addition to live updates on the website, Pima takes advantage of StatusCast’s SMS and email subscription services for proactive outreach. The school sends two notifications of scheduled maintenance to those who’ve subscribed: one a few days in advance and another the day prior to the maintenance window. “It's great that we're able to set up multiple notifications in case people forget,” Wilson said. 

With multiple campuses across Southern Arizona, there was a need for distinct weather alerts, especially during monsoon season. “Monsoons can be focused on one side of town,” Wilson said. “With StatusCast, we're able to focus our beacons on the affected sites. We can easily alert everyone on those campuses if there’s a phone issue, power outage or system downtime just for that area.”

Pima especially values its business relationship with StatusCast. When the IT team has questions, StatusCast is readily available to support through its chat portal, “Our StatusCast contact is helpful when we need additional assistance. Working with StatusCast has been amazing." And the partnership goes two ways – the Pima team can view scheduled updates and provide suggestions to improve the application. 

Wayne Wilson

IT Manager @ Pima

“During onboarding we had very few issues, but when there was an oddity, the customer service we received was above and beyond.”

The Result

Real-Time Alerts & Smooth Operations With A Status Page

Since implementing StatusCast, Pima has seen a 49% decrease in mean time to resolution (MTTR) and its subscriber capacity has increased tenfold. The college now has 3,300 StatusCast subscribers who receive email and SMS notifications for maintenance and incidents and has sent up to 60,000 notifications per month. In the event of an issue, the school quickly informs its staff through their status page, as well as email and SMS notifications, then shares real-time updates and lets them know when it’s resolved. Students and staff now have a single source of truth for updates on the critical applications they use daily.

In addition to the IT team, the network, infrastructure and application teams are trained on StatusCast so they’re empowered to push incident alerts and notifications on their products as soon as they arise. “We’re set up to let our staff know as quickly as possible if there are any issues,” Wilson said.

Pima values that StatusCast helps the organization run smoothly – thanks to the visibility into scheduled maintenance, the school has the tools and knowledge to plan strategically and communicate updates efficiently.

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