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27th February 2015

Application Uptime and Customer Expectation

Earlier this month, Pete Mastin of Cedexis shared an interesting perspective about uptime and...

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16th February 2015

Application Status Pages Can Send the Right Message at the Right Time

An application status page translates the technical information you’re getting from your...

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2nd February 2015

Integrating Hosted Status Pages With Application Performance Management Tools

Welcome to the StatusCast blog! In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting many of the...

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23rd January 2015

User Experience is All About Uptime and an Application Status Page

Internal staff and end users need to be informed about changes in uptime, and an application status...

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9th January 2015

Using a Status Page to Better Communicate with Customers

The most important thing a status page can do is reach your end user customers through their...

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29th December 2014

Not Promoting Uptime Can Cost You up to $240,000+

On those rare occasions when Marketing reaches out to IT for product performance information,...

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23rd December 2014

Hosted Status Pages – Serve end users, spare the IT team

There’s no ignoring server downtime. For better or worse, defects in your software can go...

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11th December 2014

Server Down? Your Customers Deserve Better Than an Error Message!

Your IT team is great at many things, but crafting a timely ‘server down’ notice in lieu of the...

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14th August 2014

Building Customer Trust Through SAAS Application Monitoring

Every decent business resource, whether it is a book, school or magazine teaches the importance of...

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