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11th December 2014

Server Down? Your Customers Deserve Better Than an Error Message!

Your IT team is great at many things, but crafting a timely ‘server down’ notice in lieu of the...

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14th August 2014

Building Customer Trust Through SAAS Application Monitoring

Every decent business resource, whether it is a book, school or magazine teaches the importance of...

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21st July 2014

Preventing Virtual Application Downtime

Recently, Aberdeen Group published a report titled Preventing Virtual Application Downtime –...

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13th June 2014

When It Comes to Application Downtime, Perception Isn’t Reality

CloudEndure recently published their 2014 State of Public Cloud Disaster Recovery report. Their...

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15th April 2014

Why Your Website or App Needs Uptime Tools

Tired of checking your website or app multiple times a day to make sure its working the way it...

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12th March 2014

Essential Reputation Management Tips for SaaS Vendors

Everyone has the right to express their opinions about your company and the products and services...

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3rd March 2014

The Cost of Application Downtime is Priceless

I’m sure that you’re aware that application downtime costs a boatload of money.  But let me...

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19th February 2014

How to Communicate Downtime

How Not To Communicate Downtime: One EmailWe all occasionally overlook an email – including those...

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6th February 2014

The Staggering Cost of System Downtime

Although we’ve seen impressive advancements in the information technology sector, hardware,...

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