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24th April 2015

Prototyping and Downtime Communication

Demonstrate value. Demonstrate trustworthiness. That sounds unhelpfully simple but that’s what...

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15th April 2015

Check Server Uptime and Share Uptime Status

Binary Canary is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool that is designed with four...

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10th April 2015

SaaS Application Uptime and Other Key SaaS Metrics

Earlier this month I talked about SaaS application uptime in terms of interruptions to...

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3rd April 2015

Getting More from Pingdom with StatusCast

Pingdom is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool that is designed to make it easy to...

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27th March 2015

Giving SaaS Application Uptime Your 99.9%

SaaS application uptime has become an increasingly revenue-impacting concern, both at the company...

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20th March 2015

How Do *You* Check Server Uptime?

Last month, APMdigest did a series on 18 Ways to Ensure Application Performance Before Rollout,...

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13th March 2015

Application Downtime, According to IDC, Gartner, and Others

Many reports have come out in the last 3-4 months evaluating the cost of application downtime, from...

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27th February 2015

Application Uptime and Customer Expectation

Earlier this month, Pete Mastin of Cedexis shared an interesting perspective about uptime and...

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16th February 2015

Application Status Pages Can Send the Right Message at the Right Time

An application status page translates the technical information you’re getting from your...

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