COVID Keeping Your Workforce Remote?

14th August 2020

Here’s the Top Tool Your IT Department Didn’t Know They Needed

COVID-19 has impacted every single aspect of our lives as we knew them. Almost overnight, businesses had to create an entirely new working environment, parents had to become teachers and essential workers become the real heroes.

As time goes on, more and more businesses are transitioning to 100% remote workforces. For example, Facebook and Google just announced they are extending their remote policy to allow employees to work from home until 2021, and other organizations like Twitter are saying employees never have to come back

Adapting your IT infrastructure for the remote workforce

As businesses and employees are forced to embrace our new normal there are several factors that will impact how a business adapts to create a successful remote workforce. The evolution of an organization’s IT infrastructure will be at the helm of this and investing in the right tools and resources will be vital for keeping things operating smoothly. 

Tools that promote transparency and better communication like corporate status pages and incident management applications should be at the top of the list. With more employees and customers working remotely, being able to communicate scheduled downtime and maintenance along with any other technical incidents will be imperative for keeping employees in the know so they can plan and be prepared for downtime.    

Did you know downtime can cost a business between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour?

Not to mention the amount of time and resources that IT departments lose due to an overwhelming amount of employee support requests. At StatusCast, we help mitigate those costs by helping an enterprise better prepare and communicate downtime. Some of our key features include:

  • Employee notifications via email, text messaging and social media – never miss a message
  • Communicate recent uptime and downtime via a public or private page
  • Integrations with applications like Office 365, Dropbox and all of your other favorite SaaS products
  • Broadcast IT outages and scheduled maintenance via tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams

There has never been a time where transparency and communication have been more important. Corporate enterprises and IT departments must adapt and StatusCast is the tool that will help reduce frustration, improve communication and create a more positive and productive user experience.

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