New Feature: End User Incident Reporting

When your users encounter service disruptions, your status page is the first place they look to for answers, and when the issues they face aren’t yet being reported, they are left with no recourse. Our new End-User Incident Reporting, built directly into your status page, makes your users lives easier, and ensures that incidents are reported the moment their impact is felt. This innovative functionality brings the power of two-way communication between your stakeholders and your IT team to your status page. End-User Incident Reporting dramatically improves UX during incidents and reduces incident resolution times.


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Why End-User Incident Reporting Matters:


As any IT professional knows, detecting and resolving incidents quickly is crucial for maintaining optimal business operations. Often, end-users experience service disruptions before monitoring tools alert IT teams. That's why we've developed end-user incident reporting – a first-of-its-kind feature that turns status pages into a two-way communication hub, empowering users to report issues directly to your IT department.


The true differentiator of our end-user incident reporting lies in its incorporation directly into the status page. As status pages have become the go-to source for checking service status, enabling users to report incidents within the same platform accelerates the reporting process and offers a more user-friendly experience. By eliminating the need for users to search for help desk contacts or a support portal, our new feature makes it easier than ever for stakeholders to report incidents right from your status page.


By bridging the gap between stakeholders and IT teams, End-User Incident Reporting becomes especially useful for large enterprises, managing complex systems and distributed operations across many departments and locations, providing employees with an easy one-step action to report incidents directly to your IT team. This feature turns your incident communication into a two way street, making incidents easier on your users and accelerating your response.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about our end-user incident reporting feature and how it can take your status page to the next level.



About StatusCast:

StatusCast is a leading provider of status page and incident management solutions, dedicated to helping IT professionals communicate efficiently and effectively with their stakeholders during incidents and downtime. With a focus on ensuring that employee and customer productivity stays optimized during outages and maintenance events, StatusCast has become the go-to solution for businesses worldwide seeking to improve their incident management processes. Our platform is built to serve organizations of all sizes, offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

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