Adding More Options For Status Page Updates

Not all status updates are published because of an incident or scheduled maintenance event. Sometimes, IT teams simply want to cast an informational status update without affecting the
overall status.

Traditionally, when you posted an informational update, your status page would look like this:

Now, with StatusCast’s newly released option, you can opt for informational updates to have no effect on your status:

Or you can watch our short video that walks through the steps of adding more options to informational status updates:


From release notes, to simple IT posts, to holiday downtime announcements, StatusCast has always given you the opportunity to alert your team about purely informational events. More importantly, once you publish an informational update, you don’t have to close or resolve it unless you choose to do so.

As an IT leader, your team depends on you to update them with the latest, most relevant information. Now, StatusCast’s informational notifications allow you to do just that.

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