Status Pages For Enterprise IT Departments

The Incident Management and Status Page solution that lets you organize your enterprise IT team and communicate with users for a coordinated response that restores services rapidly.


StatusCast works as an Incident Management platform to increase employee productivity inside organizations. There's a lot you can do with StatusCast status pages to create the brand look you are seeking.

  1. Three dedicated workspace types let you better manage incidents, service components and third-party integrated assets as well as applications across your infrastructure
  2. Organized incident workflow and performance dashboard to  measurement and analytics
  3. Control who is able to see status page information with permission-based access on fully customizable public and private Status Pages


Maintaining the Productivity of IT Teams and Employees

When a system is experiencing an outage or a performance issue, keep your end users informed on its status by using incident updates. As you get more information about service issues, be proactive in keeping your end users in the loop with the latest info and expected recovery time. 

Using our user-friendly analysis to examine settled incidents to gain an understanding of how this issue began in the first place, and how well the accomplished exercise went and what, if anything, could have been done preferable the next time. 

Our Analytics dashboard provides a quick and easy way to see what areas of your network will need more immediate repair, allowing you to drive toward true dependable fixes. 

Manage and Organize Enterprise Users

The true power of incidents is what you learn from them and how you recycle those learnings back into your system. But the barrier to entry for learning from incidents through retrospectives is still too high. For many companies, the process is different each time, it’s cumbersome to gather data, and it’s really challenging to look at multiple retros and find trends. We want to make it so simple, predictable, and consistent for you to run retros that you run them for every incident. Today’s release brings that possibility to light. 

Keeping stakeholders and customers informed during an incident builds trust and creates an atmosphere of patience. If trained correctly, status pages are often the initial location where internal and external users go for information, so it’s vastly important that your users are receiving real time information.

Improving the communication based around changes to your internal ITSM solution provides you with increased awareness and employee productivity while the IT division is troubleshooting problems privately or publicly. Now, whenever an incident is seemingly forthcoming, those influential key people who need to be notified are automatically informed in advance.

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