New in StatusCast: Incident Detail Pages

20th August 2019
When your status page is buzzing with lots of information (and we hope it is!) you may find that viewing everything on a single page can be a bit overwhelming. For many of your end-users they may only be interested in a single type of incident or maybe a few components.

Today we’ve added a new Incident Details page to help end-users get to the point and see data that’s relevant to them. Here’s how it works.

StatusCast offers a variety of widgets for displaying your information on the main status page. We’ve made many of these items clickable with this release, allowing you to drill down directly into a list of incidents that match the specific component or incident type.

The details page contains a list of incidents based on the filters (incident type or component), and from there you can filter the page further by selecting a custom date range. Details pages by default will show uptime % data based on your filter.

This type of page can be utilized in lots of different ways. Status pages aren’t always about incidents; often we see organization’s use their status page to primarily convey maintenance information and product releases.  When you view a filtered details page the URL will be specific to that view, so you can easily grab a link and hard code it in an email or on your website. Take a look at StatusCast’s maintenance page to see a live example.

With this new page your users can easily view incidents that answer the following kinds of questions:

Show me all the recent incidents from our cloud provider DropBox?

Show me all upcoming scheduled maintenance events for our e-mail server?

Your status page might have a wide range of components; maybe representing several apps or products, and with a component details page you can provide your end users a quick way to see data specific to that application or product. You can select parent components to show an entire groups worth of incidents or individual sub-components to get as specific of a view as you’d like.

We hope you are as excited about this new feature as we are! Please feel free to reach out to our awesome support team with any questions or ideas! We love hearing from our customers!

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