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18th July 2019
StatusCast is always working to improve how IT Managers and Helpdesk Teams keep users apprised of system statuses during incidents and scheduled downtime. As a leading provider of corporate and SaaS status pages, we interview users and managers to better understand the status page landscape and use that information to constantly improve our corporate status board service.
2019 Q2 Highlights:
  • Successful completion of SOC 2 attestation
  • The implementation of over 30 new features and enhancements designed to improve the service
StatusCast 2019 Q2 Release

Below is a breakdown of StatusCast’s 2019.1 new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:
New Features

  • Support for displaying over 200 (and growing) external cloud providers directly on your status page.
  • New email integrations with SendGrid, MailGun, and Mandrill allowing customers to use their own private email accounts for high speed email sending.
  • New or enhanced integrations with DataDog, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Okta, and Google Single-Sign-On.
  • Linked Components
  • Added ability to set parent component’s status to less critical status of child component if status bubbling is turned on.
  • New administration reports for auditing notifications, subscribers, and uptime history
  • New API call to invalidate web sessions
  • Allow enterprise accounts to specify their own reply-to email address during incident notification.
  • Generic Webhook integrations for customer performance and uptime monitors.
  • Support for local browser timezone/locale.
  • Customizable maintenance auto closure messages.
  • New macros for displaying parent components within email templates.
  • Added a password macro to user email templates
  • New API support for JWT refresh tokens.
  • Ability to set and display an icon next to each component.
  • Ability for status page to automatically filter and show only subscribed-to components for authenticated users.
  • Added a date range to let users select a specific date range in the Uptime History page.
  • Added an option on Uptime History page to hide incidents that don’t cause downtime.
  • Added an option to let users export the results of the uptime history report.
  • Added an option to let users select multiple components in the uptime history report.
  • As an API user I would like to get a list of ‘All components’ only subscribers
  • Ability to add tags to subscribers for custom organization and grouping.
  • Allow administrators to send notifications for posts with no notification history.
  • Update the dashboard grid widget to provide the option to hide or show cloud components
  • Updated the component list widget to provide the option to hide or show cloud components
  • Added a new default status page theme called ‘StatusCast’.
  • Added a responsive option to the dashboard grid widget to improve mobile experience.
  • Enhanced Subscribers API to include component subscriptions.
  • Added a layout option for the current status widget to display the “full path” of an affected component
  • Deleting a component does not remove the corresponding component subscriptions.
  • Removing a subscriber from a component removes all their subscriptions
  • Date notification completed on dashboard is double converting the time
  • When adding a new status page to your account it’s getting set as inactive
  • Status pages or admin panel doesn’t load in IE 11
  • CSV import failures not notifying end users
  • Return URL not actually sending user back to the appropriate page
  • Hidden components are visible in the subscribe modal on the status page
  • Subscribing with only a phone number throws an error on status pages
  • Admin uptime history report always shows 100% even when the status page version shows downtime.
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