Google Translate For Your Status Page

Here at StatusCast we understand the importance of a resourceful and communicative status page. A status page is the ambassador of your incident response management process, and like any good ambassador, it needs to speak the language. If your status page is now hosted by StatusCast, it is now fully integrated with Google Translate, a powerful tool that allows your subscribers and even viewers to translate your page into the language most comfortable to them. This means nothing gets lost in translation, which is critical when dealing with incident investigation and resolution. Currently, Google Translate includes 132 languages and is included on all status pages for free.

How does it look?

Come check it out on our very own status page at StatusCast. After selecting a language, the page is translated from English:

To for example, Latvian:

How do I set it up?

Each page comes equipped with a Page Designer which allows you to customize all the widgets on your page. A new checkbox appears in the Header widget that allows you to show the Google Translate. Step-by-step instructions can be found here, Enabling Google Translate.

Enabling Google Translate on your page to allow for your subscribers to see all incident posts, and even the calendar all in the language of their choice.

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