StatusCast Expands Into Incident Management

Register today for our official product launch webinar to see how our next-generation IT management solution dramatically improves responsiveness and reduces corporate costs

May 31, 2022 – Columbia, MD – StatusCast today announced the release of its IT Incident Management service, expanding its flagship offering from best-of-breed Status Page services to include the full incident management life-cycle.  The new offering goes beyond standard status updates, allowing IT teams to respond faster and with more effectiveness when systems fail or go offline.

Come join us for our product launch webinar on June 14, 1:30PM EST to see all the exciting capabilities that a Fortune 100 customer has called “a game changer”.   You can register here 

As the demand grows for IT departments to perform better while budgets shrink, StatusCast is answering the call with its next-generation Incident Management solution. With a robust platform for responding to incidents, IT team leaders can now resolve disruptions and minimize downtime in ways that conserve resources while improving the bottom line.

“We have been working closely with many of our largest customers, including Fortune 500 brands, to create this new product.”  said StatusCast founder and CEO Jasen Fici.  “By adding full, enterprise-grade Incident Management capabilities to our product line, you get a fully realized solution that lets IT team leaders organize an effective response, reduce business impacts, identify patterns, and enhance response processes going forward. You get a service that truly helps you be your best when things are at their worst.”

The new service features provide a unique approach to incident management by allowing customers to associate outages and scheduled maintenance events to corporate assets.  Additionally, StatusCast’s proprietary Codeless Beacons let an organization easily integrate with any third-party monitoring service to kick off incident management workflows. This unique approach to Incident Management puts client applications and services on center stage, with a frictionless approach to third party integrations. Overall, the combined incident management and status page platforms now provide rich collaboration features that let team members work in isolated workspaces, which act as central activity hubs during any outage or scheduled maintenance event.

About StatusCast

Since pioneering IT status pages in 2013, StatusCast continues to evolve its offerings for companies that require best-of-breed IT management tools. Our mission is to enable organizations to be as effective as possible when problems occur. StatusCast solutions are used by many of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies, along with the most well-known SaaS brands. Visit to learn more.

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