StatusCast Top Picks: 10 More Awesome Customer IT Status Pages

Transparency goes hand-in-hand with good governance 

IT services are a critical backbone to the operations and functioning of most businesses and organizations, hence the need for awesome status pages.

As more and more IT departments have embraced the need for good governance, this has driven greater transparency and accountability by utilizing the power of the best status pages.

From the perspective of IT service management, this has manifested itself as much greater openness when communicating about IT service availability.

Status Pages are a key element of this. For many stakeholders, they are the single most important touchpoint with the IT function.

A couple of years ago we showcased how some of our customers were using StatusCast to communicate with their internal and external service users. Since then we have continued to  evolve and refine our platform, enabling further enhancements. 

Today’s Status Pages provide an even richer source of information and the page builder tools available within the platform enable even greater control over how you display and present your information. 

Coupled to this, StatusCast is able to wrap various status page examples with the brand of your company or organization, enabling you to match your status page with the rest of your family of communication assets.

10 more awesome Status Pages from the current crop!

Let’s get into it and go through the ten awesome Status Pages that will provide you with much better control over how you present and display your information. 


Allied Solutions, LLC is a financial services business, providing value-added support to 4,000 B2B clients. A range of solutions include insurance, consumer lending, employee benefits and technology to improve the efficiency of lending operations.

What’s great about this page?

One of the key characteristics of the Allied Solutions status page is that it provides a detailed history of incidents.

Clicking the ‘View Uptime History Report’ shows  the uptime history and using the drop down date range contro you can see any period of week, month or year in the previous 2 years .

Putting such granular levels of detailed reporting right up front helps to demonstrate Allied Solutions attaches a great deal of importance to providing a high level of transparency.


NS1 is an internet services business that uses network technologies to connect the world’s applications with audiences. This supports faster, more reliable, and more secure application performance across the internet.

What’s great about this page?

NS1 has used our advanced support for web design to place a gradient across the status legend top menu, showing how StatusCast really enables customers to tune their status pages to fit with the branding of their existing online media assets.

This NS1 status uses the menu item on the right to allow stakeholders to view scheduled maintenance events enabling stakeholders to see upcoming planned infrastructure works that may impact availability, and adjust their workflows and schedules appropriately.


Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is a technical college in Fennimore, Wisconsin. The college's district includes the area covered by 30 school districts, and enrolls around 1,500 undergraduate students.

What’s great about this page?

SouthWest Tech makes great use of StatusCast’s ability to connect and display data from a variety of sources. This status page lists all the services that are hosted by SouthWest Tech as well as the external third party service providers  that supply services to the college.

To break it up, making it more aesthetically pleasing, and therefore easier to read and communicate to users, the services are organized under categories. Clicking on a service that has or is currently experiencing disruption gives a highly detailed view of the incident. Hovering over a calendar incident provides a pop up giving instant information.


Sophos Group plc is a British based security software and hardware company. Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security and unified threat management. Sophos is primarily focused on providing security software to 1- to 5,000-seat organizations.

What’s great about this page?

Sophos is a respected brand in the IT security field and is naturally very conscious, especially with respect to EU GDPR. In keeping with the ethos of Sophos as an organization, it has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) which requires subscribers to present two pieces of information (such as a key fob and password) in order to authenticate to access the status page.

Once again, Sophos has opted for transparency by presenting information for its full range of internet security services that partners and customers need to know the status of, such as email canning.


NAVBLUE, an amalgamation of Navtech, Airbus LUCEM and Airbus ProSky, is Airbus’ flight operations software subsidiary. NAVBLUE provides products which include software for flight planning, aircraft performance, flight data analysis, aeronautical charts, crew planning, electronic flight bag and navigational data.

What’s great about this page?

NAVBLUE provides an easy to view 60 day history lensed by viewing through Service Status, Events and Calendar. Single-click expand and collapse provides fast access to information.

NAVBLUE links out to external resources and provides links to news on the main NAVBLUE website as well as the support portal, making the status page seem very much an integrated part of its web presence.


Sherweb is an IT services and consulting company. Combining reseller and solution selling, Sherweb status enables its customers to obtain tailored cloud  solutions by providing services and software that integrate multiple third-party cloud technologies from different vendors.

What’s great about this page?

Sherweb caters to a global audience and appreciates that not everyone has English as a first language. Sherweb’s status page incorporates Google Translate, allowing language translation on the fly.

Sherweb has also chosen to fully embrace social tools by providing RSS integration and social links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To integrate the status page with other elements of support, the page links to the  knowledgebase that provides comprehensive support for third-party services.


8x8 is a leading business communications platform providing business phone, video meeting and team chat services. It offers contact center functionality, elevating above many other solutions on the market. 8x8 status guarantees ‘five nines’ - 99.999% availability to its customers.

What’s great about this page?

Quite a lot going on with the 8x8 status page…! Firstly 8x8 implements Google Translate to meet the need to communicate with a global audience that speaks different languages. 

Secondly, It uses a scheme of region tabs to simplify the presentation of information for stakeholders operating in different parts of the world. This approach is a simple structure that provides a very clean interface which lets stakeholders know immediately what is going on.

Thirdly, the page links out to other resources to fetch information from third parties and supports refined design with customized CSS.


The College of Charleston is a public liberal arts college in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in 1770 and chartered in 1785, it is the oldest college in South Carolina, the 13th oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, and the oldest municipal college in the country. The college received top marks in the latest edition of the U.S. News Best Colleges 2021 rankings.

What’s great about this page?

To communicate with a diverse group of stakeholders the College of Charleston uses a simple scheme to present information and make it easy to use.

Notably, all the service components have their brand icon with their written name to provide at a glance recognition.

Rather than laying out different information panels vertically, which creates longer pages, the College of Charleston elected to go for a two column scheme which lays out services and calendar of events sie by side.


Veeva Systems Inc. is an American cloud-computing company. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, it was founded in 2007 by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach. It is a leading global provider of cloud-based software solutions for regulated industries such as consumer goods, chemical, cosmetics, and life sciences.

What’s great about this page?

Veeva made great use of StausCast’s support for third-party external content by adding a link to an external status page. 

This status page also provides exceptional detail of incident history, accessed via the calendar of events.

Veeva also added custom content related to their own third party processors for the purposes of supporting GDPR compliance.


BMC is an innovator, specializing in advancing organizations through automation and data, something it terms the Autonomous Digital Enterprise. This helps organizations to be as efficient and joined up as possible while maximizing the value of their digital assets, software, hardware and data.

What’s great about this page?

BMC innovated by turning the view upside down! Instead of listing services at the top, it summarizes and then lets status page visitors drill down into each service.

This status page is also noteworthy because it is heavily customized with custom icons and branding, showing how StatusCast ensures your status pages remain integrated with your web media assets.

Transform your company’s status pages with StatusCast

If you like what you see in these best status page examples then perhaps you’re ready to transform your company’s own status pages? Simply book a demo to take a deeper dive with one of our product specialists, or you can sign up for a free 14 day trial and discover how it works for yourself.

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