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6th March 2020

Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Status Page Integration

Bring your PaaS Status directly to your company’s private status page StatusCast helps...

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7th February 2020

9 Awesome IT Status Pages: Our Top Picks

Status pages have evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Not that...

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11th January 2020

Who’s Better at Downtime Communication: IT or Marketing?

In her CIO online post,  “6 Blunders to Avoid When Dealing with End Users,” Mary Brandel...

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3rd January 2020

Office 365 Status Page Integration

For over 6 years, StatusCast has been providing your employees with a single location...

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2nd January 2020

Top IT Outages of 2019

Today’s news is filled with stories about the failures of IT and the impact to companies,...

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3rd December 2019

The IT Status Page for Employees ROI Calculator

Does your help desk get overwhelmed with tickets when an IT issue occurs because communication with...

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20th August 2019

New in StatusCast: Incident Detail Pages

When your status page is buzzing with lots of information (and we hope it is!) you may find that...

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18th July 2019

StatusCast Updates Status Page Service

StatusCast is always working to improve how IT Managers and Helpdesk Teams keep users apprised of...

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18th June 2019

StatusCast Achieves SOC 2 Compliance

ITSM Unified Communications Provider Continues to Elevate Privacy and Security StandardsCOLUMBIA,...

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