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1st February 2019

A How-To Guide To SLAs (Service Level Agreements), Best Practices, And Why They Are So Important To Customers

You’ve heard it so many times: Transparent communication is the key to any successful...

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25th January 2019

8 Keys to Mastering Online Customer Service

Customer service used to be solely about calling a 1-800 number and listening to elevator music for...

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22nd December 2018

StatusCast Announces Participation in the 2019 ITExpo Conference and Exhibition

Columbia, MD — StatusCast, a leading SaaS provider of corporate status pages, is proud to...

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4th September 2016

Uptime Status and Customer Experience

A recent survey from AppDynamics and Dimensional Research found that: 1) 88% of respondents...

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17th February 2016

Managing Application Uptime – Hosted Status Page vs DevOps Team

When your software goes down, there are two audiences that need to know about it. One: the people...

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15th January 2016

SaaS Application Uptime- APM and DevOps

If you care about the uptime status of your website or SaaS application, there are two really...

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22nd December 2015

Using a Hosted Status Page for API Management

Keith Casey, director of product at Clarify, offered three great requirements for good API...

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10th December 2015

Communicating More Than Just Application Uptime with Your Status Page

Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend at the end of last month saw big-name brands such as Neiman...

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12th November 2015

Setting Up Status Page Integrations

This is the third video in our blog series, Setting Up Different Status Page Integrations. To...

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