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4th September 2016

Uptime Status and Customer Experience

A recent survey from AppDynamics and Dimensional Research found that: 1) 88% of respondents...

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24th August 2015

SaaS Application Uptime, User Experience and Mobile Access – Key SaaS Priorities

It’s been argued that the chief advantages of a SaaS offering—from the customer...

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10th August 2015

Website Monitoring and Customer Experience

The availability and response time of your website is critical to cultivating a positive customer...

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22nd July 2015

Sharing SaaS Application Uptime via Status Page for Customer Success

It’s all about SaaS–even in your home.(or subscription-based offerings, if not...

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26th June 2015

SaaS Metrics for Customer Experience: Status Page Response Time, Social Proof, and TTV

While customer satisfaction and retention are important for any company that’s looking to stay in...

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27th February 2015

Application Uptime and Customer Expectation

Earlier this month, Pete Mastin of Cedexis shared an interesting perspective about uptime and...

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23rd January 2015

User Experience is All About Uptime and an Application Status Page

Internal staff and end users need to be informed about changes in uptime, and an application status...

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14th August 2014

Building Customer Trust Through SAAS Application Monitoring

Every decent business resource, whether it is a book, school or magazine teaches the importance of...

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31st January 2014

What an Unfortunate Life Event Taught Me About IT Customer Service

Recently, I had an unfortunate event happen in my life. I found out my dearest companion was very...

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