Website Monitoring and Customer Experience

The availability and response time of your website is critical to cultivating a positive customer experience, especially in the ecommerce world. Site24x7 has a long history of helping customers identify ways to optimize the availability and response time of their customers’ respective websites, through end-to-end monitoring and monthly reporting. With these tools, you can quickly identify what’s wrong and where’s there’s room for improvement.

While Site24x7 has always undertaken efforts like this to make monitoring easy, now it makes communication with end-users easy as well.

A Hosted Status Page from StatusCast

A recently-forged partnership between hosted status page provider StatusCast and Site24x7 allows customers who integrate these two products to notify their own site visitors/end users when Site24x7 detects performance issues, and when uptime is fully restored. Users can subscribe to receive these uptime status updates via their preferred communication channel, for instance email, text/SMS, Slack, twitter, etc.

Best practice suggests writing general communications to customers based on the types of issues you encounter most frequently. By keeping the language non-technical, you are actually doing a better job of helping the end-user understand the impact on them.

When the alert is fired in Site24x7 it will automatically trigger an update in StatusCast, populated with the info you’ve pre-written. You can configure StatusCast to either send the message out immediately, to wait a set period of time before sending the message out, or to populate the update but not send anything out without manual confirmation.

Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or an unplanned disruption, StatusCast supports your organization’s efforts to be transparent, accountable, and professional in your communications with your own customers.

You can sign up for a free trial of StatusCast here.

Other Upgrades from Site24x7

In addition to the recent integration with StatusCast, the team at Site24x7 also encourages customers to check out the mobile interface for website monitoring, which lets you use your mobile phone as a monitoring location, among other things.

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