Choosing The Right StatusCast Pricing Plan

StatusCast the leading provider of status page solutions, offering Public Status Pages, Private Status Pages, and an all-encompassing Incident Management suite. These products come with varied pricing options tailored to meet the specific needs of different businesses. The aim of this guide is to help you seamlessly navigate these options and choose the best StatusCast pricing plan for your needs.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a StatusCast Pricing Plan

When deliberating on the ideal StatusCast pricing, keep these pivotal points in mind:

Number of Subscribers: Consider how many subscribers your status page will need to support. Remember, the function and cost of subscribers vary between public and private pages.

Features: Prioritize which features are critical for your business to maintain continuity and flawless operation during outages. Does your approach to incident response encompass a complex array of systems across a multi-national organization? Then you may need to ensure that your package includes a significant amount of automation (codeless integrations and rulesets), component reporting and admins.

Budget: Establish your budget for a status page service. Analyze your organization’s hourly and annual downtime costs to grasp the value that our status page could provide in mitigating these expenses, and weigh that upside against the cost of your preferred status page plan.


The Right Plan for Your Needs

Selecting the right StatusCast pricing entails a nuanced understanding of your organization's requirements:

Subscribers: For public status pages, it’s crucial for end-users to subscribe for incident notifications and updates. While for private status pages, ‘subscribers’ are much more engaged with your status page, as employees or SaaS customers who directly access the page.

Admins: Determine the number of individuals you want to maintain the account, handle incidents, and manage configurations.

Features by Tier: Public status page clients often focus on the CNAME offering in our Corporate plan. Both public & private status pages also unlock full branding and design at this level. Most who choose Enterprise do so due to a heightened need for more admins or subscribers. Beyond these, Enterprise also provides more extensive reports. For a comprehensive comparison of every feature available in each pricing plan, scroll down on our pricing page.

Components & Services: Components and services, as well as component levels (depth of reporting), also scale up with each plan. This is a common upgrade for many clients who successfully integrate our status page into their incident response process, and look to showcase more of their organization’s on their status page.


Considering these key decision points, let’s compare the various plans:


Public Status Page Pricing

The Public Status Page offerings kick off with the Starter plan at $50/mo. Next, the SMB plan, priced at $99/mo, provides for up to 2,000 subscribers and includes 25 services and components. It also introduces 2 Beacons (codeless integrations) allowing for seamless connectivity. However, the Corporate plan is where most organizations find their sweet spot. Priced at $299/mo, Corporate caters to a larger audience with 5,000 subscribers, 35 services and components, and boosts integration capabilities with 10 Beacons. Enterprise is next, providing first-class support for large enterprises to support 10,000 subscribers, 100 services and components with 5 levels of reporting depth, and 30 beacons and 10 rules per beacon for an unmatched level of integration. These plans not only provide scalability but also a range of features tailored for varying business needs.


Private Status Page Pricing

When it comes to Private Status Pages, the journey begins at $99/mo with the Starter plan. But for businesses seeking more depth and flexibility, the SMB and Corporate tiers offer compelling features. The SMB plan costs $299/mo, designed for up to 300 employee subscribers, featuring 25 services and components, complemented by 2 Beacons for smooth integration. For organizations requiring an even broader range, the Corporate plan at $499/mo is optimal, supporting up to 500 employee subscribers, 35 services and components, and enriched with 10 Beacons. Enterprise is a custom plan that can support 10 administrators, 1000 subscribers (employees) and the same amount of components and beacons as the public enterprise plan.


Incident Management Pricing

StatusCast's Incident Management software isn't just an afterthought; it's a core product offering. Our Incident Management suite is an end to end solution that equips your organization with the tools to proactively mitigate service outages and expedite incident resolution when downtime does occur. Combat incidents before they occur with our Root Cause Analysis reporting, leverage enhanced incident management automation with our AI-Powered Smart Incident Messaging, and ensure effective workflows with intelligent escalations that inform and task the right team members when things go down. Our incident management pricing starts at a modest $4/mo per team member and progresses based on feature depth, reaching $29/mo for the Enterprise tier.


Upgrade or Downgrade as Needed

Your business needs might evolve. Thankfully, StatusCast provides flexibility, enabling you to switch between plans to ensure you’re always availing optimal value.



Deciphering the right pricing plan is crucial for gaining maximum value from StatusCast’s status page software and incident management tool. Your choice should reflect your organization's needs and, importantly, your budget considerations. As downtime can prove costly, selecting the right StatusCast plan can be an instrumental step in mitigating potential losses. Make an informed decision, and remember, StatusCast is here to support your organization's uninterrupted operations.

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