Integrating a Status Page with Application Monitoring Tools to Improve Communication

I’ve written on the StatusCast blog before about integration between a status page and application monitoring tools, namely WHY you would want to. This post is designed to be more of a teaser look at the many options you have for HOW.

Binary Canary operates from the philosophy that downtime is bound to occur – resources and energy should instead be invested into streamlining the process for identifying, repairing and communicating problems to customers as much as possible.

New Relic allows SaaS companies to monitor and boost performance for their entire web-based application environment. Click the above link to see a step-by-step guide for completing the integration between New Relic’s application monitoring and StatusCast’s status page.

Paessler utilizes remote probes, sensor types and push notifications to keep you informed about network availability, performance and usage.

Panopta combines globally-distributed network service checking with an on-server agent and a virtual appliance, to ensure all aspects of your infrastructure are being monitored, with precision.

As with other application monitoring tools, Pingdom is able to filter out false alerts and analyze performance from the user’s perspective. It focuses on key transactional parts of your website or web-based application (e.g. login, search, make purchases) and ensures that they are not experiencing issues.

Uptime Robot is a free application monitoring tool that includes many of the features the paid alternatives offer. Though they still offer a free plan, earlier this year they released a Pro Plan as well. The Pro Plan monitors at more frequent intervals, can accommodate additional monitors, and retains a longer period of logging.

The above are just a sampling of the different application monitoring tools StatusCast integrates with. If you are looking to integrate a status page with your company’s solution, please contact us for more information.

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