Check Server Uptime and Share Uptime Status

Binary Canary is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool that is designed with four concepts in mind

  1. Application uptime will eventually drop below 100%, but using solutions like Binary Canary to check server uptime can help you minimize the amount of application downtime you experience, putting you as close to 100% application uptime as possible.
  2. You don’t want your customers to be the ones telling you that something is wrong with the uptime status of your application or website.
  3. It should not be difficult to ensure that the right staff members are alerted at the right time and/or in the right sequence of escalations when there’s a server error or other disruptive problem.
  4. There’s no excuse for wasting your team’s time and energy on false alarms.

Binary Canary’s integration with StatusCast makes it easy to take the uptime status being captured by Binary Canary and make it accessible in non-technical terms to relevant internal staff and when appropriate to your customers’ end users.

A Realistic Approach to Uptime Status

Binary Canary takes a refreshing stance on uptime status. According to their website: “Even highly redundant websites experience failures,” and “Downtime is as guaranteed as death and taxes.“ Nobody wants application downtime to occur, and when it does occur, nobody wants it to last any longer than it has to. StatusCast shares Binary Canary’s philosophy: do your best to reduce application downtime as much as possible and be as good a partner to your customers as you can be in how you handle downtime.

At a minimum, that means making sure you’re the one to let your customers know when issues occur, not vice-versa. This is where StatusCast provides its chief value- helping you create, develop and maintain relationships with your end users through reliable communication about application downtime and uptime status.

More Than Just a Way to Check Server Uptime

While Binary Canary primarily sells itself as a fail-safe monitoring system that lets you check server uptime for your website or application, it provides a number of other functions. In addition to creating a series of escalation steps for notifying your IT team of server errors, it can automatically pause your PPC campaigns when your site goes down. Additionally, it can alert your team when unauthorized changes have been made to your website, as in the case of a hacker attack.

StatusCast extends the value of Binary Canary again in these contexts by allowing your team to translate those alerts from Binary Canary into customer-friendly communication. Check out our homepage to learn more about how hosted status pages can support your efforts to improve customer experience.

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