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Discover how the best IT teams set themselves up for success in the face of any IT outages.

StatusCast empowers IT to find the shortest possible path to incident resolution with efficient workflows, Slack & Teams integrations and intuitive task management.
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Proactive Incident Management


Transform the way your IT team handles incidents by providing a unified space for data organization and team communication. With dedicated workspaces for incidents, service components, and integrated third-party applications, teams can view detailed timelines, engage in real-time chats, and have complete visibility over every aspect of an incident. 

Work From Slack/Teams

Seamlessly create incident channels, execute embedded commands, and manage the lifecycle of incidents all from within Slack and Teams. This eliminates the need to switch between applications, fostering a more intuitive and efficient workflow, and ensuring that your team stays connected and responsive in any situation.

Task Management

Task Management in StatusCast provides a structured approach to managing your IT team's workflow, enabling you to plan, track, and ensure accountability for every task, from routine maintenance to incident resolution. Keep tasks organized and gain insights into team performance, ensuring that every incident is handled with precision and efficiency. StatusCast ensures that your IT operations run smoothly and maintains optimal performance across your team.

Best Practices For Managing Downtime

Explore our comprehensive whitepaper to uncover transformative strategies for handling IT outages with finesse. Learn the significance of an Application Status Page for centralized communication, the pivotal role of automation in incident management, and how to navigating scheduled maintenance. It's an essential guide for any business looking to thrive in the face of outages by cultivating resilience to the effects of IT disruptions. 
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AI-Powered Smart Incident Messaging

Unlock the potential of AI through StatusCast's Smart Incident Messaging, designed to optimize incident communication for IT teams. Our advanced AI assistant creates precise and timely incident notifications, enabling your IT professionals to focus on addressing issues promptly.

By analyzing and emulating the tone of past updates, Smart Incident Messaging ensures consistent and polished communication for all incident reports. Embrace the power of AI to elevate your incident management process.

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