Get Ready to Integrate!

We are excited to announce the Uptime.ly REST API!  As with any initial version, we expect you will have suggestions.  And when you do, post a response or send us an email.

You can access our REST API knowledge base here:  http://bit.ly/19OfuL5

Our goal is to make sure that you can interact with our service in the ways that meets your needs.  The API is designed to give you comprehensive access to Uptime.ly functionality. Here are a few ways we anticipate you will find our API useful.

Integrate your Application Status into an internal application

Uptime.ly provides you with a robust set of widgets to integrate application status and incident history.   But what if you want to visualize it your way? The API gives you direct access to the Current Status and Uptime History.  You can use these capabilities to integrate with your own systems and visualize uptime information according to your requirements.

Synchronize Users and Subscribers with your application

Often you will want to proactively notify your application users when there are incidents that affect application usage.  Uptime.ly gives you a few manual options such as bulk uploading subscribers or allowing them to register on your status page.  What if you want to automatically synchronize with your application?  The API allows you to manage all aspects of Users, User Profiles and Subscribers.  By leveraging these capabilities you can synchronize between your application to add, update and delete users in your Uptime.ly account.

Automate Scheduled Maintenance Posting

Do you have an IT Management solution that you use to schedule maintenance windows?  You can use the API to integrate your existing scheduled maintenance information with Uptime.ly.  Simply create an Incident and indicate when you want to send us reminders.  We will take care of the rest.

Now for the fun part.  You try out our API and give us feedback by 10/31/2013 and we will set you up with an Enterprise account for 1 year.  We look forward to learning about how you integrate with Uptime.ly!

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