The Unwritten Rules of Providing SaaS Services

In today’s SaaS world, customers expect you to have the capability to expedite service restoration after outages and to provide status pages. It’s that simple. If you aren’t delivering on the promise to get things back to normal fast, or giving them the transparency to see your application’s status on demand, then it’s highly likely potential customers are going to look elsewhere.

Recurring Incidents

Enterprises expect their Service Providers to have the same high standards that they have for managing their own IT estate. This means they expect you to use the same ITSM best practice methodologies and tools, such as Incident Management, to support your cloud platforms and software services

Workspace Collaboration

SaaS Status Pages

Furthermore, publishing application outages can be daunting. And we get it. No one wants to talk about downtime or scheduled maintenance. However, research proves that being transparent with proactive incident communication when things go wrong actually benefits you and makes your customer relationships even stronger.


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SaaS Status Page Examples

Advantages for SaaS Companies

Application Status and More

Be proactive and keep customers in the loop by letting them know when your service is having problems.

Use SLA Reporting to keep enterprise customers up to date on your product’s uptime and service level. Your marketing team will love the way status pages add value by allowing you to promote new releases and product updates to your customers.

SaaS Incident Management

No SaaS service or platform is an island. The interconnected nature of today’s digital technologies means that when service degrades or fails, we need to automate, escalate and collaborate. Incident Management ensures SaaS providers hook up all the interdependent moving parts that make up your service offer to ensure the right people have the right information and tools to restore services fast.