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Campuses are in effect mini-cities, with the need for a full spectrum of technology services. Sometimes these can represent the state of the art. Such centers of technology learning and development demand your undivided attention, and the highest levels of support and prioritization to minimize disruption to educational and research timetables and preserve wider reputations as centers of excellence.

Incident Management lets you prepare and organize your IT team in advance. For planned events, be fully prepped by designing the workflow, and assigning tasks and structuring activity  in advance. For unplanned events, be as prepared as you can be for the unexpected, by making sure you have the right resource coverage lined up ready to go, should matters take a wrong turn.

With good communication at the heart of managing your campus infrastructure, StausCast status pages provide great configuration options, allowing you to serve all students and faculty members appropriately. Subscribers can be provided with just the information that they need without distractions.

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Example Higher Education Status Pages

Advantages for Higher Education

Services for Students

StatusCast let’s university and college IT departments fully support students pursue their primary objective by facilitating learning. Role-based status page subscription configuration provides granularity, allowing administrators to deliver service information alerts to notify only about the services that students directly depend on to power their learning activities.

Faculty Services

Members of the faculty that may have requirements to have a different view to the ones you make available through public status pages. Using private status pages or the role-based subscriber configuration tools, you deliver the right level of  information appropriate to the needs of all teaching and learning support personnel.

More Productive Campuses

Whatever learning styles are adopted by tutors, or favored by students, technology resources are critical enablers of learning. Managing your campus IT service incidents with StatusCast allows your IT team to resolve problems quickly. Restoring services as fast as possible minimizes interruptions to learning. When you need to empower students to maximize their learning with technology resources, ensure greater availability with StatusCast.