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Maintaining a comprehensive and engaging status page is the cornerstone of an effective incident communication strategy, yet too many companies limit themselves in this respect. Some rely on an assortment of disjointed application monitoring and manual incident notifications, while others look to the cheapest status page they can find. For any organization that wants to reduce the severe costs of downtime or provide a first rate experience to users, a centralized status page, with unmatched capacity and customization is the answer. The ability to be in full control of the design of your status page and all your incident notifications is key to deliver the best experience to your customers.


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Customization isn't just about putting a distinctive stamp on your status page or your email notifications—it's about ensuring the platform seamlessly caters to your users' needs. From enterprises that want to craft every pixel to perfection, to startups seeking an easy out-of-the-box solution, the ability to adapt your status page to your unique requirements is what makes it a truly effective communication tool. StatusCast is built to support both visions, facilitating a bespoke status page experience, delivering a status page consistent with your brand that resonates with your users.


Customizable Email Templates

For those seeking to maximize their design potential, StatusCast understands that the scope of customization goes even beyond the status page itself. Often, the ideal user experience is one that doesn’t even reach the status page, but instead, simply ensures that any users affected by an incident are notified and kept in the loop. Unlike any other status page, with StatusCast you can craft fully customizable email templates, from the appearance and design to the layout and formatting, you have full control over how your notifications represent your brand and serve your customers. The ability to control the content, layout and aesthetics of your notifications means that you can provide critical updates in a manner that is not just informative, but also carries the trust and appeal of your brand.


Full Design Authority: Widgets & CSS

Our status pages also offer the unique ability to control visibility of widgets and important data on your status page. This enables you to tailor the data presented to various audiences, thereby enhancing the relevance and user-friendliness of your status page. Want to explore the design space even further, utilizing custom CSS to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your status page? See how Malwarebytes leveraged custom CSS that triggered the user’s Windows dark/light mode to create a sleek and minimalist page design.


Easy, Out-of-the-Box Design: Visual Page Builder

For those who appreciate design but might lack the time or resources to fully commit to it, we offer an arsenal of pre-made status page themes and styling, allowing you to quickly launch a page that's not just functional, but also polished and presentable. Our drag-and-drop page builder is an intuitive tool that makes it easy to design a status page without needing waste precious time getting stuck in the design stage. Our pages support single and multi-column designs, with over 20 widgets whose layout and appearance you have full control over. The ability to control the layout of widgets on your status page and easily decide what content is displayed ensures that you can rapidly launch an effective and visually appealing status page.


It's clear that the power of customization is multi-faceted, catering to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences. From full design authority to user-friendly design tools, customization ensures your status page is not just another communication tool, but a strategic asset that can enhance your brand, streamline user experience, and ultimately, drive customer satisfaction.


At StatusCast, we invite you to check out our previous webinar on Status Page Customization, where we delve deeper into how our customization features can take your status page UX to the next level. 

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