VCU Case Study

Learn how an established academic institution serving a community of 30,000 people leveraged our status page software to mitigate critical IT incidents.

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VCU's Solution To Incident Communication

Enhanced Campus Incident Communication

VCU transformed its approach to incident notifications by shifting from a basic alert system to StatusCast's advanced status page. This transition addressed the critical need for efficient IT-specific communications. With StatusCast, VCU expanded its notification reach, ensuring that students and faculty received timely and relevant updates when services they rely on were affected. This change not only improved the speed and accuracy of incident reporting but also significantly reduced the manual effort previously required, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the university's communication strategy.

Customized, Flexible Status Pages

By utilizing StatusCast’s API, VCU could seamlessly distribute updates across multiple platforms, including their university website, Twitter, and Slack channels. This capability was vital for IT staff across campus, who gained access to real-time updates in a manner most pertinent to them. Furthermore, the customization options provided by StatusCast allowed VCU to tailor messages and templates distributing critical status updates to suit the unique needs of their diverse community, enhancing the user experience and ensuring clarity during critical downtimes.

ITSM Built For Higher Education

Public Status Page

Public status pages are a key component to delivering a first class experience to your customers. Transparency during unexpected downtime and scheduled maintenance, through a unified status page and multi-channel notifications, ensures a smooth UX for your customers and helps to build brand trust.
Public Status Page

Audience Specific Pages

Generate custom status pages with information that is tailored to each of your audiences. With audience pages, who you are = what you see. Easily segment your community by campus, department or organization, and deliver maximally relevant status page views and notification to each audience.
Audience Specific Pages

Private Status Page

Empower your employees or SaaS customers with a private, internal status page to communicate incidents in real-time. Status pages keep your employees in the loop when systems go down. Providing updates across various notification channels about disruptions allow employees to re-organize their work and stay productive while IT works toward incident resolution.
Private Status Page

StatusCast - The Preferred ITSM Solution For Higher Education

Elevate how your universities manages incident communication with StatusCast! Watch our latest video to discover crucial insights and proactive strategies to ensure reduce the affects of outages for your university. Learn from real-life scenarios and gain valuable knowledge on protecting your community from the chaos of IT incidents.
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Codeless Integrations

StatusCast Beacons are codeless integrations that intelligently automate your incident response process. Beacons handle seamless integration with third-party services, subscriber notifications, automated incident creation and smart escalation policies. Beacons are created with codeless logic via our Visual Rule Builder, which enable advanced automation that triggers based on pre-defined rulesets. Designed to alleviate the burden on IT during outages, Beacons ensure rapid, accurate responses to IT incidents, transforming complex, time-consuming tasks into streamlined, efficient workflows.

Status Page Customization and Branding

StatusCast empowers you to design stunning status pages that align with your brand identity. Building a status page has never been easier; use our drag and drop page builder, pre-made templates, and utilize custom CSS. Maintain brand consistency effortlessly while delivering an appealing user experience.

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