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Reduce IT Support Costs

Dramatically reduce the costs of handling thousands of inbound support requests when an IT service is disrupted. Status pages minimize distractions to your Help Desk so 2nd and 3rd line support analysts can get right on with restoring services.

Increase Productivity with Status Pages

Increase Productivity

Maximize productivity across your customer and employee base by proactively communicating service outages. With status pages, workers don’t waste time figuring out what’s wrong and can plan their work around scheduled maintenance and expected restoration times after service outages.

Status Pages can Enhance Trust in Your IT Team

Enhance Trust in Your IT Team

Reliable, proactive status page communication builds trust in the IT function. Too many organizations have an ‘Us & Them’ mentality between IT and the rest of the business. Proper communication provides transparency and demonstrates IT and end-users are playing on the same team.


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Communicate via email, text messaging, and other distribution channels to tell your employees or customers about incidents before they find out the hard way.

Fully Customizable

Drag and drop, pre-made templates, and support for custom CSS and custom URLs all help create great looking Status Pages that match your website.

Controlled Access

Tell the world with your public Status Page or provide a private version to limit access to only your end-users, customers or other stakeholders.

End-User Incident Reporting

Interactive two way communication status pages that allow customers or employees to report service outages right there on the spot without moving off the page.

Codeless Integrations

Visual rule builder lets you create integrations into any monitoring service without the need for software development skills or coding.

SLA and Uptime Reporting

Track and measure the total uptime for every individual service and component that you choose to integrate and publish real time SLA Reporting.

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