Status Page for SaaS

Provide your customers with a public status page that keeps them informed, increases customer loyalty, and enhances your corporate brand

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In today’s SaaS world, customers expect you to have a status page. It’s that simple. If you aren’t providing them with a way to clearly access your application’s status, your potential customers are going to look elsewhere.

Publishing application outages can be scary. We get it. No one wants to talk about downtime. However, research has proven that being proactive about communicating when things go wrong actually benefits you and makes your customer relationships even stronger.

Stop Wasting Time

Get your SaaS status page up and running in 5 minutes.

What Can a Status Page Do for You?

Communicate application status

Proactively let customers know when your service is having problems

SLA Reporting

Keep customers up to date on your product’s service level. Add transparency to total uptime to help meet the terms of SLA with enterprise customers.

Product updates and enhancements

Use your status page to tell your customers about new releases and product updates. Marketing teams love status pages!

Public Status Page Pricing

$ 39 Per Month
$ 99 Per Month
$ 299 Per Month
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When things are at their worst ...

... You need a Status Page that shows you at your best

Why risk settling for a cheap status page? 

Worrying about how you look to your end users while communicating during a crisis is the LAST thing you want to worry about!

Contact us now and find our why StatusCast has been the trusted leader in status page and incident communication for over 5 years!